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Marketing Goal

An introductory call with your account director to understand the goals of your campaign. Some factors to consider are target market, data and/or data bases used for calling prospects, foundational information about your agency, and development of the script. Ideal hours also will be discussed to determine the best time to reach your target audience.

System setup

Orientation to be set up on our in-network systems so that you can communicate with your team via live chat, calls, and email. You will be familiarized with our programs so you will have access to everything just as if the employee was sitting in your office.

Your Team

Your account director and team will match your account to the best suited candidate(s) based on your determined goals. Additionally, a team leader, supervisor, coach, and quality assurance representative will be updated about your account daily to monitor your employee during the assigned shift.

Start Marketing

You will be introduced to your employee who has been determined to have aligned goals to your campaign. The employee will be using a phone line with your local area code and your choice of caller ID. The calls will look and feel to your prospects as they are coming right out of your local office.



Insurance Agents

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For your Virtual Assistant

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Inbound customer service and support ( voice, email, sms, social media), over flow and after hour
answering service

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Seo and website Development

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