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Appointment Setting

From the first day of training, we focus on our exceptional employees mastering appointment setting. Not only do we offer this service as its own package, but our expectation is that at any point, any campaign could call for appointment setting. Our Desktop 2.0 technology allows for recorded calls at your fingertips which are essential in the training process for your account. The floor team at your disposal verifies every single appointment set before it is emailed to you or set on your calendar. At the core of growing your customer base is the appointment setting process; we help you get to the next level. Our appointment setting programs are for full time or part time representatives. Here are some additional options within our appointment setting program:


Let our expert appointment setters prospect the market for you. In this targeted way, wecan help develop your campaign to grow your business together.

Phone Appointments:

Your personal appointment setter will only deliver appointments based on your requirements and qualifications. Working individually with your representative on a daily basis allots for more successful appointment setting process. With our phone appointments, we send you a copy of the recording so you can prepare to speak with the prospective client over the phone.

Face-to-Face Appointments:

Our specialists can set appointments for you at their home, place of business, or your office. Since our programs are completely customizable to your needs, you can rest assured that we will be setting appointments with prospects that are interested in your product or service.

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