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All of Our Methods have One Goal in Mind

To connect you with an exclusive call with a prospect that is interested in what you have to offer to lead to a sale or an in-person meeting, or to service your current customer base

Exclusive Calls: What Does It Stand For?

It’s literal. We know that to close a deal in most professional businesses a phone conversation needs to take place at some point in the sale process. There are several methods in gaining new prospects centered around outbound and inbound marketing strategies.

We know through direct personal experience that no one likes talking to a robot when they want to reach a live person; we take care of your current customer base to always be in communication with a live person. We give them what they want. Let us help you grow and service your customer base.


List of Outbound Services We Provide

In a traditional outbound cold call, the marketer is contacting prospects on a list that have not been contacted for the specific campaign before; as such, it is a cold, or new, call. The trained and dedicated marketer(s) placed on your account have been trained to make back-to-back calls to turn those no’s into yes’s. Our contact center is staffed with extroverts who have the charisma, skill, tenacity, patience, and true ability to speak with people who did not know they needed your solution before, to show them what they are missing. They can eliminate fears and impulses to say no to turn that phone call into an appointment or live transfer.

There are subcategories to this type of warm list. It can be prospects that filled out the form within a few minutes, 24 hours, or even 3+ weeks. These can also be known as aged leads.

A significant portion of the population fills out and sends back questionnaires as a response to mailer campaigns. Through calling on a campaign with these types of prospects, we can further screen and qualify consumers and/or businesses prior to setting up the lead for you.

Mailers have a 1-3% respond rate however when you follow up a mailer with a phone call you increase that respond rate. The reason behind that is because there are prospects out there that received the mailer and put it on their pile of things they will get to know when they find time, but many never find the time to do so because they forget and end up throwing away the mailer. When you call a prospect after they have received the mailer it gives them the opportunity to ask questions and to take action to something they have been procrastinating. Our trained callers will set up the appointment or send over the live transfer once they have the prospect that is open to learn more.

No company keeps 100% of their clients. We all wish we could keep 100% of our clients but circumstances of clients change, and they leave. But that does not mean that you can’t win them back. We will call on your past prospects and win back a percentage of them for you.

Sometimes the best new customers are your current customers; do all of your current customers utilize all of your products or services? If you don’t ask, you’ll never know! Our trained marketers will contact your current clients to see if they would like to learn more about other products or services your company offers. When they confirm, we set up the appointment or live transfer right away to take advantage of their immediate interest.

Referrals are a great source of gaining new clientele. You have lists of referrals that you need to follow up on but you don’t have time. Our marketers will contact your referrals and set up an appointment or transfer the call to you if they are still open to learning more about your product or service.

Inbound Calls

List of Inbound Call Services We Provide

First impressions are extremely important, and a prospect will either stay or leave your website within seconds. A website is your brand, your story, and your identity to the world as to what you do and why your product or service should be chosen from your competitors.

With nearly 2 billion websites on the word wide web being found online is like a needle in a haystack. There could be millions of people in need of your product or service but without optimizing your website they might never find you. Our team of search engine optimization experts will put your website in a better position to be found by the prospects looking for what you offer. With a well designed website that has been optimized you can start generating inbound traffic which will lead to phone calls, emails and chat conversation with prospects who have found you online.

Pay per click or pay per call is an internet marketing model in which you pay each time one of your ads are clicked and a prospect visits your websites or calls. With buying site visits and calls you will see an automatic spike in traffic to your website and your phones ringing. With a well designed website the visitor can lead to a interested prospect. Having a chat feature on your website will cater to the population that first want to ask a few questions via chat before clicking to call. If you are currently paying another company on a pay per call model this is the best option for you because you will cut your cost as you will be cutting out the middle man and now you will have It at cost not at a premium. Our trained marketers will manage your google adwords account to continuously adjusts the wording so you receive the highest ROI from your pay per click/pay per call campaign.

In a multi tasking atmosphere we live in a web chat feature on your website will create the convenience for minimum disruption for a prospect to type out their questions they need answered whilst continuing to multi-task. This can make your website stand out compared to the other sites the prospect is simultaneously researching which will lead to them call or setting up a call time with the chat operator.

Social media allows you to connect with your clients on a personal level. Close to half the world’s population is on Social Media. Although it seems like everyone is constantly staring at their phones on some social medial platform. To be a competitor in the market today with any product or service you must have a social media presence. In fact there are businesses that receive a majority of their business just from social media marketing. With the right social media marketing you can drive traffic to your website or directly from the social media platform a prospect can call, email or direct message you. Our trained marketers will create original content for your social media platforms that highlight your business and identify so that prospect will be motivated in contacting you to learn more or purchase from you.

Building up your followers and social media pages can take some time to do but while we are producing content for your social media pages everyday and building a following, we can have our team of marketers create advertisements that can be sponsored to be advertised to your target market. This can lead to instant spike in inbound phone calls, website traffic and interested prospects.

Email marketing works but you need a list of targeted prospects to email first. If you do not have a list we can build one for you by calling and collecting emails from prospects that you would like to prospect to and ask for permission to email them marketing material from you company. During that call we will also try to set up an appointment or send over a live transfer if they are interested in learning more. Email marketing can lead to inbound calls and website visits from the ones that are interested. If you already have an email marketing campaign in place you can utilize our solution to follow up with all the ones that have opened the emails.

Full Time Plan

Exclusive Calls is offering full time employee solutions at a monthly flat rate for forty hours per work week. The employee will work a selection of five business days per week and/or including Saturdays. The benefits include the following:

Part Time Plan

Exclusive Calls offers the part time plan for our employee solutions services with 20 hours every working week on a monthly basis. Our clients will be given the option to have their employee work 4 hours every day with a selection of five business days per week and/or include Saturdays. Benefits include the following:

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