At Exclusive Calls it is our passion to help our customers in every aspect of their business to grow towards success together. With our answering service capability, clients will be able to provide a professional answering service for their clients without hiring additional receptionist staff. Whether our clients work from a virtual, home, or traditional office, our answering service will cover the phones for our clients in their preferred time block. Consistent time blocks for answering service can be customized to the needs of the client to ensure they never miss a call again and/or never have to stop what they are doing to answer their ringing phones. For urgent calls, our answering service has the capability to transfer calls immediately to clients or take and relay messages so that clients can reach back out at their convenience.

In today’s multi-tasking environment, the web chat feature on your website can create constant interruptions, just like your phones ringing all day. Similar to phone answering services, our clients also enjoy our web chat answering service that guarantees that they will never miss a prospect’s question again as we know chats can lead to conversations that lead to sales. Active chat can give your website presence when compared to other websites.


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