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Sales is the greatest job in the world. It allows you to control your own destiny. Sales makes the world a better place. Without great salespeople we would not have the technological advancements we enjoy today in our daily lives. For every great sales person there is a greater opener/appointment setter/opportunity maker to continue keeping the sales person busy doing what they do best. The most successful companies in the world are the ones that have a department that find opportunities for their sales consultants to pursue.

As a B2B and B2C appointment setting company, Exclusive Calls sets the stage for the initial sales pitch of your product or service. We believe every step of the hiring process matters so we are very diligent from the beginning stages with who enters our training area. We are big believers in the right energy and especially attitude and we only hire candidates that have the burning desire to be the best.

We know it takes a team to achieve success, but no success can be reached without the right leader. Even the most naturally gifted and talented individuals need the right leader, management, and coaches to guide them to their full potential. Whether you hire one dedicated staff member from us or hundreds, we always make sure the right team and leadership is ready to support your success, which is the foundation needed for greatness!

When you outsource to Exclusive Calls to handle all your appointment setting needs, you are truly finding a partner for your company that understands that your success will only reflect our success. We really get to know you and your business so that we can develop the same brand and mission that you would expect from employees physically located in your offices that are dedicated arms of your team.

We look forward to the journey of building your business with you.

Benefits of using and outside company for appointment setting:

  • Experience
  • Control
  • Efficiency
  • Effectivity
  • Time Saving
  • Money Saving
  • Space saving
  • Headache free (we deal with the employees)
  • Transparent
  • Infrastructure
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Why Choose Exclusive Calls for Appointment Setters

The appointment setting experts at Exclusive Calls have years of hands-on-experience in gaining face time with prospects across an array of industry sectors that have successfully associated with us for superior appointment setting services. The other factors for choosing us as your favorite appointment setting service providers include:

  • An extensive staff of diverse, highly experienced 100% dedicated employees
  • Our detailed appointment validation and verification measures
  • Our appointment setting teams work with you in developing strong script content for your company before setting face to face appointment or over the phone appointments or live transfers

Exclusive Calls professional appointment setting services are handled by 100% dedication. Our solution has helped businesses in these states grow

California New Jersey New York
Seattle Texas Illinois
Ohio Indiana Arizona
Alabama Nevada Washington
Colorado Michigan Iowa
Pennsylvania Florida Missouri
Mississippi Oklahoma Oregon
Tennessee Arkansas Georgia

Exclusive Calls is your source for all your appointment setting needs. Please contact us today for a free consultation or to request a quote.


Telemarketing. Some want to love it some want to hate it but at the end of the day, the telephone is a key aspect of every single business. As much as technology is changing to move towards automation, the human to human connection that takes place when two people have a conversation can never be replaced.

Telemarketing allows businesses, through the people they hire, to luminate their culture and service or product over the phone so that the interested prospect feels comfortable before purchasing. It is unfortunate that telemarketing has some negative connotations but that is because of companies having the wrong staff manning the phones, making loud mistakes. We believe that as the world becomes more automated, that more and more people will want to speak to a human being on the phone. Humans are not meant to be isolated; we need each other and talking on the phone will become an important part of our civilization as more and more people continue to create worlds for themselves in their phones, computers and social media. The companies that use the phone as the main method of communication with their customer will prosper as more and more people yearn for that human connection.

Telemarketing is the only way to grab a customer’s attention and gauge their level of interest within moments of a conversation. Other marketing methods are much less effective since the customer has to contact the business; with telemarketing, there is no waiting around—you have instant knowledge. Let’s face it: it’s rare for a business owner to sit and go through tons of snail mail. Another game changing benefit is that you are building your brand with that personal touch with direct communication with your customer base. Many of our clients also use telemarketing to keep in touch with their current customers to check in, give them reminders and also be able to upsell or cross sell other products or services that could benefit their customers. In this way, your brand is continuously developed and made stronger in your target market with each and every phone call.

Exclusive Calls understands the importance of the telephone and only hires the best staff to handle both outbound and inbound calls. Our staff is trained to our client’s specifications so that our client’s brand is represented from the first hello. We make sure to always treat our employees with the utmost respect and we only do business with companies that hold themselves to the same high standards. We love our employees and we are certain that once you start working with us you will love yours too.

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