Sign up for our residential calling service with dedicated and experienced employee(s), who have been trained to prospect for auto, home, and life insurance calls in outbound marketing strategies. Our call services for auto/home/life range from cold calls for your new business to calling your current list of business for yearly calls and other cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Our team of professionals will be calling from a local telephone number which will match your area code and the caller ID.

It is with this process that the calls will seem as they are coming from your office, besides our employees being the extension of your office. You only need to provide the information required for your target market and we will then use our internal dialer to capitalize the volume of calls to get the desired results every time, every day. During our orientation process, we will work with you on the data that you would like our team to generate for you or you can provide your own data, along with other essential account information to help us represent your agency to our best ability. In addition, we are also providing live transfers; all you have to do is give us the contact person, phone number, and time of live transfer calls for the assigned recipient.

You will provide a script or edit one that is sent to you to ensure that we are using verbiage in the way you want us to represent your agency. If we encounter anyone saying that they are on the list of “do not call” numbers, or if they would like to be on your list of “do not call” numbers, we will take their phone number and name off of the system, and we will give you access to the detailed information and reports.

Our dedicated and professional team will cater to any of your business needs. We will guide you along the way and will be your teammates. You can leverage the services we can provide to maximize your business operational efficiency. We have both full time and part time telemarketers available. Contact us today for pricing.

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