Exclusive Calls is highly committed in taking care of your business day to day to enable you to take care of your clients. With our back office support services, you can reinvent your business through outsourcing the time-consuming and complicated process of management, portfolio accounting, and reporting to our professional back office associates.

With our back office support services, you can have your valuable resources and time to manage your business. Our services include:

Daily Processing :

It is our primary focus to give you accurate and timely download, reconciliation, and posting of significant files from different custodians on a regular basis. We will set up new securities and accounts and the correct process for corporate actions. We have skilled account managers who can provide insightful answers about all your data aspects.

  • First Class Data Center and
  • Data Backup
  • Integrating Third Party applications
  • Batch Queue (automated queuing, batch submissions, and email completion notification)
  • Monthly Reviewing of Performance Data
  • Updating Batch Parameters
  • Creating Invoices
  • Uploading to Client Portal
  • Preparing Management Fee Upload
  • Updating Batch Parameters
  • Preparing Client PDFs
  • Uploading to Client Portal

Our team has already acquired massive experience in converting data. We are offering full conversion systems in transaction of data for your business.

  • Set Up New Database
  • Comprehensive Audit of Existing Databases
  • Interval Auditing
  • Billing Set Up

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