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Appointment Setting Services – Defining Business Success

Are you a small or medium sized business owner who wants to expand but are in a dilemma as to whether you should have your marketing staff considering the overheads involved?

In such situations, you can avail the services of appointment setters who can provide customized solutions for you. These service providers will be your marketing partner and help you decide as well as implement the right marketing strategy to succeed.

Qualities That Your Service Partner Should Have

When it comes to B2B appointment setting services, you need to choose an appointment setter who understands your marketing goals. The final choice will rest on:

Knowledge Of The Industry

Do you need people who will make the basic inquiries and merely provide appointments for your sales team?

Are your requirements more in the line of seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in your industry and who will generate a potential lead and enable your sales team to close the deal?

These questions will decide whether your prospective service partner needs to have industry expertise or not.

Some of these organisations will get your sales team an appointment but not a convertible lead. Your sales team will have to ask the relevant questions to determine the client’s needs and convert the prospect. But, if you want your sales team to close the sale after the client has been convinced, you will need someone who is an industry expert.

Ease Of Communication

While it would be ideal if these professionals were located near your office, you should have options like Skype or other similar technological solutions to communicate with them whenever you want.

Multiple Channels For Appointment Generation

Do you want people who make cold calls and try to find a lead or are you looking for someone who has a planned marketing strategy in place? The approach, as well as the result, would be different as far as the business impact is concerned.

Some of these professionals also design marketing strategies to rope in high-value clients with a multi-pronged approach like content marketing, conversion through websites along with individual sales pitches involving generating leads, and convincing them to convert and finally closing the sale.

A Dedicated Point Of Contact

There are appointment setters who cater to multiple clients and have client service executives who keep changing just like in a call center. They have superficial knowledge about all clients and a lot of time is wasted explaining your concerns to them.

However, some will provide you with a dedicated representative who will handle your account. They have all the updates regarding the marketing strategy and will provide valuable inputs regarding the best way forward.

Benefits Of Fractional Pricing

There are two ways of remunerating these people, namely pay-per-appointment pricing or fractional pricing.

As the name suggests, the pay-per-appointment model entails paying the service provider for every appointment (not lead) that is generated. In this case, the level of involvement is likely to be low as these organisations will try to provide as many appointments as possible in the shortest possible time with total disregard to quality so that they can collect the maximum fees. You will have to find a quality lead with a magnifying glass.

On the other hand, the fractional pricing model works on the basis of treating the appointment setter as a fraction or part of your team and pay them accordingly. This method is much more effective as the level of involvement is higher.

Profit From Experience

If you want to take your business to the next level, it is advisable to choose someone who will be an extension of your organization and will dedicate his/her resources for the success of your business.

When it comes to selecting the best appointment setters, you should go for someone who is a dedicated service provider with sufficient expertise.

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