Virtual Assistance – What You Need To Know

The term virtual assistant simply refers to a person who offers multiple services to business owners from a remote location. An efficient assistant looks after all your business needs starting from checking mails to scheduling appointments. Having an assistant helps you in saving a lot of time and money on long projects.

The assistant model is mostly suitable for offline environment but when it comes to working online virtual assistant is the answer. Virtual assistants are especially preferred by the business owners who need help but do not wish to include more staff in their location. The scenario is a bit different for small and mid size businesses that need virtual support for specific business activities like social media management.

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In simple words, a Virtual assistant or VA is an independent professional who offers administrative, creative, and technical support to entrepreneurs with the help of a computer without being physically present in the office

There are a lot of things that virtual assistants do include

  • Event management
  • Managing social media
  • Handling calendars, appointments and emails
  • Personals works like hotels and restaurants booking
  • Digital marketing
  • Preparing reports
  • Customer services and
  • Content creation

Why Virtual Assistant Is Important For Your Business?

The biggest advantage of working with a VA is that you can get immediate help from skilled and efficient individuals whenever you need them. The other benefits include the following

Cost reduction

This is another reason why entrepreneurs are gradually getting inclined towards the concept. There is no point in hiring a full time employee for a small job instead; you could easily hire a virtual assistant in USA to work on hourly basis payment. This not only saves your money but also fulfills your purpose.

Usually companies need to train their in house team once they are hired. Training new employees both need time and money. The only way to escape from the hassle is to hire virtual assistant.

Saves times

Two major aspects of a successful business are time and money. Every entrepreneur aims to save time and money in their business and virtual assistants help them do that in many ways.

For instance- let’s imagine that you have a small business with no HR team. If your employees take the responsibilities of an HR team for hiring new employees it will be nothing but a waste of time. That is why it is always a good idea to hand over the laborious task to a virtual assistant.

Virtual professionals come with the following benefits

  • You will be able to hire verified experts in almost no time
  • You do not even need to spend time on their training as they are experts in the field for which you are hiring them
  • Their skills and efficiency in a particular task help it get done way faster than someone who is dealing with multiple issues at your office.

The concept of Virtual assistant has become very common among business owners now. It’s no longer a rarity, in fact it is close to become a necessity for businesses.

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Top 6 Telemarketing Challenges And Their Solutions

Telemarketing is one of the most effective platforms for client communication. Even after the emergence of advanced technologies, there is no alternative option for telemarketing. This is because there are certain things which are not available through well known channels like social media and emails.

Telemarketing Business Challenges And How To Handle Them

Though the new technology could not replace telemarketing completely but it is an undeniable fact that telemarketing is gradually losing its charm. In the modern age of telecommunication also, nothing could replace the effectivity of direct communication.

But unfortunately businesses that utilize the platform are dealing with a few challenges for which new developments in businesses and telecommunication are responsible.

In this blog I have identified those 6 telemarketing challenges and also pointed out the solution for each of them.

1. Fraud calls

Recently, many call center fraud cases have made headlines in the newspaper which has changed the mindset of the potential clients and business owners. They have become more cautious in responding to telemarketing calls. Such incidents have given birth to a perception amongst them that telemarketing calls are scams which have badly affected the return on investment of telemarketing campaigns.

Market experiments suggest that the easiest way of handling such situations is to send them a message or email prior to the call. This helps prospects check the authenticity of the caller which might also convince him to take out time to attend your call.

2. Personalization

Each and every business owner thinks that his or her business is distinctive and also expects to receive superior treatment but unfortunately majority of the telemarketing calls are generic. Companies in general use the same script to interact with the prospect making it a monotonous experience for them.

Instead of using the same script you can categorize your potential clients based on their age, gender, location, buying capacity and interests which are available on social media platforms. This builds a completely personalized field for your company making it stand out.

3. Integration

The growing technological advancement has reduced the effectiveness of standalone telemarketing campaigns. It is beyond the capacity of cold calls alone to covert potentials clients into customers. To do that you need to involve multiple channel approach.

As a solution to this issue you can build a marketing strategy which engages social media, email and telemarketing in United States to achieve the best return on investment.

4. Eligibility

The eligibility of a telemarketer is something that often gets overlooked. You cannot really expect a freshly graduated college student to understand the concern of an entrepreneur who holds more than 15 years of industry experience.

To make a successful telemarketing campaign you need to appoint the right caller who can contact the right prospect. Your telecaller needs to be sufficiently informed about the prospect and should be trained to manage difficult queries with confidence.

5. Patience

When it comes to telemarketing, patience is the key to success. This is because a caller initiates hundreds of calls in a day in which he mostly faces rejection. In such a situation, handling these rejections gracefully becomes very important. Toensure that, these callers must undergo psychological evaluations. Only a caller with a positive and optimistic attitude can build a good relationship with potential buyers.

6. Technology

Using outdated technologies in your telemarketing campaign can completely ruin it. There is no place for slow systems that are unable to handle the load of thousands of outbound calls a day. The solution to this issue is to incorporate technologically advanced telemarketing tools in your telemarketing campaign.

You can easily overcome these obstacles with the suggested solutions to make your telemarketing campaigns successful.

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When You Should Consider Sales Appointment Setting Services?

It is essential for every established company to have its marketing and sales team, as the two work together to meet target goals. These goals may be in the form of increased clients or customers and higher revenue. Therefore, an appointment setting is the aforementioned shared responsibility between the two teams. On the marketing front, nurturing leads and setting the stage for conversation is vital. From here on, the sales team takes over and reaches out to potential clients, vying to secure them as permanent customers.

However, it is not necessary that things will function smoothly and go according to plan. The relationship between a marketing and sales team is often dysfunctional — as one may lack the resources to operate at full capacity. In such situations, consulting a third-party solution provider, i.e. sales appointment setting services will occur crucial. This article looks at 5 reasons you may want to contemplate outsourcing appointment B2B appointment settings.

1. Your CRM Is Full Of Inaccurate And Unorganised Data

There is nothing worse than trying to win customers over through bad sales intelligence. For instance, if you use a customer relationship management tool like HubSpot, it can either drive or derail your business towards success or loss. According to an online source, 40 percent of all B2B leads are victims of poor data quality which includes—expired information, missing form yields, typos, etc.

It is crucial to maintaining your company’s CRM database as it reduces mistakes and leads to an increase in revenue. As a business owner, knowing your clients well is imperative, what makes you interested in them and what services you can provide to help them. Reputable appointment setting companies guarantee error-free data, through a rigorous Q&A process and adherence to targeting criteria.

2. Create A Lead Nurturing System

No deal is necessarily better than the other until and unless they are closed or finalized. Each lead is at different stages of a client’s journey, and demand varied approaches. Leads at the bottom of the marketing funnel should be taken care of by your sales department.

Alternately, those at the top need to be nurtured for further development. The lack of a proper nurturing system makes a lot more challenging to manage leads, and you could end up losing clients. Appointment setting services are a great way to transform potential leads into sales

3. Marketing Qualified Leads Doesn’t Have The Desired Impact

A study conducted by Demand Gen Report indicates that 74 percent of marketers prioritized lead quality over quantity. It is crucial for businesses to question the impact of marketing qualified leads—do they start meaningful conversations with potential customers?

Appointment setting companies can deliver bottom-of-the-funnel leads to your sales team, increasing revenues. Additionally, your company’s marketing team can spend more time advertising existing MQLs, to attract potential clients.

4. You Are Not Meeting Your Revenue Goals

As a business owner, meeting your revenue goals is at the top of your To-Do list. However, you may have to overcome several obstacles before you cross over to the finishing line, i.e. monthly targets.

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If your team is too small you reach limited clients, it is difficult to gain recognition and grow in an already crowded market. Working with appointment setting companies is a simple solution to boost opportunities as this will yield high-quality leads.

5. Save Time and Energy

Two things that are of great value to a businessman are time and energy. Today you can save both those things by hiring a professional sales appointment setting company. Typically your sales team is allocated with the task of generating quality leads and arranging meetings with clients. Most of the time, they attribute more than half of their workday to this duty.

If you allow an independent company to take over this aspect of your business, your employees times are freed up. Members of your sales team can devote their time to converting leads into actual clients during meetings.

Exclusive Calls appointment setter in USA opened its doors in 2008, for small to medium-sized businesses. The company’s objective was to find talent to handle essential everyday tasks, such as —telemarketing, customer support, appointment setting and back end office work. Currently, they have employees on 3 different continents who support English, Spanish and Tagalog necessities of clients. Exclusive Calls has helped thousands of businesses reach their potential and are not just here to help you survive, but are here to make you thrive!

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How Does An Appointment Setting Service Help Your Business?

The success of every business depends on its sales figure. It determines the quality of your business activities. Today companies use various marketing tools to stay ahead in the race of increasing sales, one of which is appointment setting. Through appointment setting services you can get in touch with the qualified prospects who are actually interested in your products or services.

Whether you own a small sales management team or you manage it yourself, an efficient sales partner does have the ability to take your business to the next level. It works as an extension to your sales team that blocks all your dates in the calendar with relevant appointments.

Let’s have a look at the ways appointment setting services contribute to the success of your business
1. Sales growth
While hiring a professional team for appointment setting service you need to make sure that they have sufficient knowledge and sales strategies to generate leads for you. Using a quality service ensures that your business meetings and appointments are scheduled properly. Reducing the chances of a missed sale it visibly boosts up your revenue stream.
2. Saves time
The entire process of appointment setting is a time consuming process. It involves multiple steps that demand for proper attention. Managing everything properly and single handedly can be a struggle for you as you need to look after other things as well. But outsourcing the service relieves you from the burden, saving you a lot of time which you can utilize in other business activities.
3. Cost-effective solution
Setting up a whole in house team of appointment setting is not only expensive but also a time consuming process. Training the members for the job is another major factor. Why would you take such hassles when you can easily solve the issue by joining hands with an appointment setting service provider?
4. Targeted lead generation
Appointment setting professionals use specialized tools to track your potential clients who are interested in your products and services and come up with a list of leads which visibly increases your conversion rate in the industry.
5. Helpful for your sales team
It is not possible for your sales team to spend a hefty amount of time on cold calling, that too without any assurance of prospects. Having an outsourced team of appointment setters will help your sales team save a lot of productive time that they can utilize in planning sales strategies and other important sales related activities.
6. Gets you feedback
Receiving positive feedback from clients is crucial for a start up or small business to add more customers in the queue. It is a proven fact that appointment setting provides a better experience for your clients which ultimately results in gaining positive reviews from them. This also adds credibility to your business.
7. Brand awareness
An efficient team of appointment setters keeps a thorough knowledge of your products and services that you offer to your clients. When they initiate a call to a potential customer they indirectly advertise your products which spread the name of your brand among the prospects, giving it a better exposure.

Appointment setting is a result oriented task which means if it fails to generate leads for your company then it is of no use. That is why you need to make a wise decision while choosing a suitable appointment setting service for your business. A little research can be very much helpful in this regard. If chosen rightly, it can increase your sales to a great extent.

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How To Be An Effective Appointment Setter

The success of an ad campaign completely lies in the hands of appointment setters. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to get in touch with a prospect. When someone responds to it, it opens a window of opportunity for you that you cannot afford to miss.

If your appointment setting team is struggling to generate leads, you certainly need to make some changes in your strategy and execution. There are endless numbers of things that you can possibly improve your appointment setting skills to be able to fix more meetings.

ExclusiveCalls a leading appointment setting services provider in the USA provides useful tips that will help you become an effective appointment setter.

1. Research and be prepared

Cold calling may appear to be an ordinary task but you should never forget that your company’s reputation depends on it. Every bad call puts a negative impression on potential clients.

To avoid such undesirable happenings you need to stay on the right track and understand the market you are calling. Contacting the wrong people with the wrong approach would not get you appointments. Do your research properly and then communicate with the potential buyers.

2. Set your goals

Set your goals before the time of action and start working on it. It will be difficult for your sales team to stay on the right track without a plan or map to assist them in this journey.

3. Do not sound like a salesperson

Your prospect receives hundreds of sales calls every day, which most of the time get rejected. As a sales manager or an appointment setter, your duty is to keep the conversation going.

There are many ways to set in a conversation like that but it is almost impossible for you to utilize all the possibilities. In order to save yourself from a mess, you need to focus on your objective only.

Make the conversation straight forward and interesting by asking relevant questions without beating around the bush and ask for his or her commitment.

4. Timing

Correct timing is a crucial point in appointment setting. The biggest mistake that most of the appointment setters make is that they make calls to the prospects during office hours.

This is the time when most of them remain busy for which they lose the interest in talking over phones. The best time to make such sales call is either in the early morning prior to the office hours or late in the evening after the office hours, usually when the decision makers will not be busy.

5. Use multiple mediums

The concept of appointment setting is broader than only cold calling. Apart from only phones, an appointment setter can fully utilize other mediums like emails, letters, voicemails, messages through social media connections, websites and also personalized notes. As prospects have the tendency to ignore sales calls, a lead generation team should not lose a single chance to get in touch with them.

6. Appointment confirmation

Once you have set an appointment with the prospect, do not forget to leave a confirmation message. Acquire important information about the client including the date and time of the appointment. If you remind them about the meeting twice they will not forget about it.

Follow these tips to avoid mistakes during your sales calls. The job requires a lot of hard work and perseverance, you should be prepared to hear more No’s than yes’s.


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Improve Your Sales With Appointment Setting

Business is evolving at a gargantuan pace in the current world. Despite the numerous types and avenues of businesses present in the world right now, the process of calling and appointment setting is present in a vast majority of them.

This is mainly because sales start as a meeting. Ideally, after the company representatives show off their product, customers get excited, see something they can achieve with the product, and eventually buy the product. This not only increases revenue, which is the primary goal of any business, but it also increases brand value, market outreach, popularity, and even influence.

Setting appointments, besides selling the product, is also the best opportunity to introduce your product to the customer and gain trust. If done well, a positive and lasting impression is left on the customer. However, it is impossible to convert every appointment.

Additionally, setting appointments isn’t easy. A lot of work and science goes behind the whole process and even at the end of it, less than 10% of calls end up as appointments. Thus it is of paramount importance to increase the call-to-appointment ratio to optimize the usage of time and money to generate revenue.

Initially, you should check if the process you follow is a leaky pipe. Follow these tips to improve your sales with efficient and productive appointment setting:

Prioritize On Creating A Good Strategy

One of the most common mistakes that salespeople follow is: trying to sell their product during the first cold call.

Not only will this most likely result in a rejection, but it will also make the salesperson sound irritating and pesky, reducing your brand value as a result. Instead, the goal should be to fix an appointment with the decision-maker. After the appointment is set, then you can start pitching the product.

To maximize your call-to-appointment ratio, and in turn, boost your sales, you need to have a good strategy. The company should create value in the conversation, target the right people at the right times, talk politely, ask good questions, pitch efficiently on call, and push them towards fixing an appointment.

Improving Your Sales Appointment Scheduling

1. Do Your Research

To have an effective strategy, it is important to do enough prior research to collect important information about the person you’re calling. While names and phone numbers are usually enough to reach out to theperson, researching on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn will tell you more about their personalities.

2. Have A Script But Don’t Follow It Word For Word

Sales calls aren’t normal conversations. Thus it is important to have a good script which casually introduces the prospect to the call, makes them familiar, and then understand the message conveyed by the caller.It is also important to listen to the prospect so as to understand their needs and concerns. It is then you tell the prospect how this product can be of value to them. It is also important to let the call flow seamlessly.Following the script word-for-word will surely prevent the call from flowing seamlessly. Also, every call is unique. Thus, you need to keep on learning from every call and note down your mistakes in order to avoid repeating them.

3. Don’t Push Too Much

Customers are usually wary and thus it is important to push them towards a decision. However, you shouldn’t overdo selling to such an extent that you start to sound desperate. This will not only drastically reduce your chances of bagging the client, but it will also leave a negative impression in the minds of the client and consequently spoil your brand image.

4. Use Multiple Media

Usually, you need to reach out to the prospect more than once to get a response. You need to use multiple media as prospects are busier than ever. Reach out to them via e-mail, call, and if possible, on Social Media. However, don’t overdo this as it will make you seem pushy.

5. Strategically Schedule Meetings

According to research, 70% of the meetings occur when scheduled within 9 days versus only 47% when scheduled within a month of the first call. As more time passes, there is less chance that the prospect remembers the conversation. Also, you are making them think more which reduces their chance of making an impulse purchase.

Avoid The Basic Cold Calling Mistakes

It is of primary importance to craft a strong opener as you only have 10-20 seconds to catch the prospect’s interest. As people aren’t usually receptive to sales calls, it is important to create surprise and intrigue in the opening seconds so as to not sound like a normal sales call. The main objectives of the opening statement(s) are to pique interest, lower interest, and gain permission to continue with the call.

The caller also faces these basic obstacles in each cold call:

“I’m Not Interested” – Usually callers need to persist and tell them something else that makes the prospect interested

“Now’s Not a Good Time” – Assure that the conversation will be over quickly, but if the prospect doesn’t follow it is important to note down a good time and then call the prospect at that time.

Close It, And Set The Appointment Quickly

Once you feel that the conversation is slowly heading towards setting an appointment, then proceed to this step without further ado. After the appointment setting, make sure to confirm the appointment a few times before the big day. If the prospect can’t make it to the appointment, you can give yourself the chance to reschedule and use your time more productively. Confirming the meetings also reduce the likelihood of no-shows, which can occur almost in 50% of the meetings.

Thus, follow these tips to efficiently set appointments and consequently improve your sales. In addition, you could also hire the services of expert appointment setters in Texas, Exclusive calls in this regard.

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Cold Calling A Effective Way For A B2B Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is an important part of any business that wants to increase its sales revenue. But, if businesses relied solely on word-of-mouth, customers referring to other customers, or contacts provided by people who know of organizations that could use the service, the sales would not increase quickly enough. It is for this purpose that cold calling is still relevant in today’s business scenario even though several companies think it is outdated. While it is easier to have a team in-house for close monitoring, it would attract several other costs like training and constant upgradation of skills. That’s why businesses today prefer to leave the job to professional appointment setters. That being said, it is important to understand what constitutes a good cold call for a B2B appointment setting.

What To Avoid?

The key is to capture the attention of the person within the first five seconds of the call. In fact, Travis Kalanick, the founder of Uber, while talking about cold calls said that if you can manage to make three people agree to a second call for every ten people you call, that’s a remarkable achievement.

You should ensure that your opening statement is enough to hook the person. While statements like, “Is this a good time to talk to you?” and “Do you have a minute to talk?” are considered respectful of the prospect’s time, some argue that it is indicative of unconfidence and according to Salesmate, people using those lines are 40% less likely to land a prospect.

How To Go About It?

Instead, a better opener would be to try and talk about whether the products that you are offering would be of any use to the customer. That way, they would know exactly what you are talking about while deciding if it is worth entertaining at the moment. In fact, this will give you a better chance to speak to that person at a later time.

More often than not, there arises a situation where you’ll have to clear several levels of hierarchy before you can reach the person who is willing to buy your product or service. These gatekeepers can prove to be potential allies for you. It is imperative that you don’t lie to them and follow-up with them until you reach the person you want to deal with to sell your product. A statistic by the Marketing Donut shows that about 80% of the cold calls require about 5 follow-ups before they can be converted into an appointment or a sales prospect.

Final Touches

Even then, it is important for you to decide your target audience beforehand. You can’t go about calling every person on the list and be content that your quota is being fulfilled. You’ll soon start wondering why your targets are not being met. Having a list of companies that most suit your product’s TG and client base will work extremely in your favor. Even then, you’ll have to work on reading up reports or testimonials on their website to gather the information that will be most relevant for your work.

There is a host of websites and plugins like Rapportive, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn profiles that will help you identify the contacts and whom to approach. Identifying the right person is also a critical thing. The most important thing to remember is that if the prospect is speaking, there is always a wealth of information to gather for you to utilize on how to revamp your pitch and use it again.

Partnering With Exclusive Calls

Exclusive Calls is an industry-leading service provider, chiefly for small and medium businesses whether you need appointment setters in USA or all the way up in Minnesota, filling the gap for companies who are expanding but are cautious about their overhead costs. Whether you need the B2B appointment setting in person, over calls, or if you need someone to chat to communicate the products, Exclusive Calls has the appropriate program for you.

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5 Benefits Of Appointment Setting Services For Small Businesses

Appointment setting service is the weapon through which businesses increase their sales by generating leads and arranging meetings for their clients with their end customers and dealers. A person who is interested in your product or services and has the right to make a purchasing decision is known as a lead.

A professional appointment leads generator can be an in-house agent or an external agent who holds expertise in building contacts and leads and scheduling meetings for the company.

Before directly getting into the topic let’s have a brief idea on what do appointment setters do-

  • make calls to sell products and services
  • generate leads
  • fix meeting timings
  • initiate follow up calls
  • gives general information on the company
  • provides detailed features of products and services and
  • handles every issue related to the appointment

For small businesses or even startups having a pay for performance appointment setting service can make a favorable difference to the company. This is because small businesses often lack enough resources and money to have an in-house team of meeting setters. Outsourcing the service saves a lot of time and money for such organizations.

Now let’s have a look at the benefits that small businesses can enjoy by outsourcing meeting arrangers.

1. Saves Time

In the world of business, time is synonymous to money. Outsourcing appointment setting service saves you a lot of time which you can utilize on focusing on closing sales and strengthening your business strategies.

2. Increases Earning

It is highly disheartening to lose contact or sale because of a minor confusion in scheduling. Engaging a meeting fixer ensures that your meetings are scheduled rightly without any misunderstanding. This undoubtedly contributes in increasing your revenue.

3. No Labor Cost

Hiring a company like ExclusiveCalls that provides appointment services can also save your labor cost. As they work with their team of appointment setters you do not need to make an additional investment on hiring and training people.

4. No Capital Cost

Having an in-house team of meeting arrangers requires a lot of planning. You need to pay attention to everything starting from finding premises to managing individual member. Payments for heat, light, and phone lines are additional concerns. Outsourcing the service relieves you from the burden as the company you hire looks after everything that requires attention.

5. Maintains Brand Image

Appointment setting service also helps in spreading brand awareness amongst your target audience. When a well-experienced person interacts with your target group it automatically introduces your company with them. This is because he or she mentions and talks about your company every time while getting in touch with the people. The audience would also recommend your company’s name to another person if he had a positive and interesting experience.

Because of these benefits, small enterprises are getting inclined to the concept of hiring meeting setters. It helps you get the best out of your investments. It is considered to be one of the key marketing strategies that many organizations are adapting to meet their sales goals and to generate leads and prospects.

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Appointment Setting Services – Defining Business Success

Are you a small or medium sized business owner who wants to expand but are in a dilemma as to whether you should have your marketing staff considering the overheads involved?

In such situations, you can avail the services of appointment setters who can provide customized solutions for you. These service providers will be your marketing partner and help you decide as well as implement the right marketing strategy to succeed.

Qualities That Your Service Partner Should Have

When it comes to B2B appointment setting services, you need to choose an appointment setter who understands your marketing goals. The final choice will rest on:

Knowledge Of The Industry

Do you need people who will make the basic inquiries and merely provide appointments for your sales team?

Are your requirements more in the line of seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in your industry and who will generate a potential lead and enable your sales team to close the deal?

These questions will decide whether your prospective service partner needs to have industry expertise or not.

Some of these organisations will get your sales team an appointment but not a convertible lead. Your sales team will have to ask the relevant questions to determine the client’s needs and convert the prospect. But, if you want your sales team to close the sale after the client has been convinced, you will need someone who is an industry expert.

Ease Of Communication

While it would be ideal if these professionals were located near your office, you should have options like Skype or other similar technological solutions to communicate with them whenever you want.

Multiple Channels For Appointment Generation

Do you want people who make cold calls and try to find a lead or are you looking for someone who has a planned marketing strategy in place? The approach, as well as the result, would be different as far as the business impact is concerned.

Some of these professionals also design marketing strategies to rope in high-value clients with a multi-pronged approach like content marketing, conversion through websites along with individual sales pitches involving generating leads, and convincing them to convert and finally closing the sale.

A Dedicated Point Of Contact

There are appointment setters who cater to multiple clients and have client service executives who keep changing just like in a call center. They have superficial knowledge about all clients and a lot of time is wasted explaining your concerns to them.

However, some will provide you with a dedicated representative who will handle your account. They have all the updates regarding the marketing strategy and will provide valuable inputs regarding the best way forward.

Benefits Of Fractional Pricing

There are two ways of remunerating these people, namely pay-per-appointment pricing or fractional pricing.

As the name suggests, the pay-per-appointment model entails paying the service provider for every appointment (not lead) that is generated. In this case, the level of involvement is likely to be low as these organisations will try to provide as many appointments as possible in the shortest possible time with total disregard to quality so that they can collect the maximum fees. You will have to find a quality lead with a magnifying glass.

On the other hand, the fractional pricing model works on the basis of treating the appointment setter as a fraction or part of your team and pay them accordingly. This method is much more effective as the level of involvement is higher.

Profit From Experience

If you want to take your business to the next level, it is advisable to choose someone who will be an extension of your organization and will dedicate his/her resources for the success of your business.

When it comes to selecting the best appointment setters, you should go for someone who is a dedicated service provider with sufficient expertise.

Exclusive Calls is one of the leading appointment setters in Florida with over a decade of experience in this area with a highly trained staff. If you are looking to hire insurance appointment setting services, you can partner with the company for the best results.

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Benefits Of Using Virtual Assistant For Appointment Setting

Running a business includes managing a host of different activities. Some of these activities form the core focus of the business, while others are ancillary and support the primary revenue generation activities. This is where professional appointment setters in California come into the picture.

For business owners, allocating time to these support services can often turn out to be frustrating since their attention is needed in core activities that actually generate revenue for the company. However, business support services like scheduling and appointment setting are important aspects of maintaining a smooth business.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

To make your life easier and your business more successful, you can hire someone who works remotely to help you with your daily administrative tasks. Typically, a virtual assistant costs a fraction of a full-time employee but has the same resourcefulness, creativity, and diligence as a permanent employee.

Virtual assistants can do as well as professional appointment setters since they are usually experts at scheduling and administrative tasks, including making appointments, making calls, verifying leads etc.

What Does A Good Appointment Setter Do?

To understand if the appointment setting tasks can be delegated to virtual assistants, we need to evaluate what good appointment setters do. Any appointment setter can be expected to do the following tasks:

  • Conduct cold calls.
  • Generate leads from calls.
  • Take appointments.
  • Follow-up on appointments.
  • Educate the customer about the company.
  • Take note of the customer’s needs and discuss the company’s products/services.
  • Help clear up confusion or doubts by setting up appointments with executives.
  • Intimate the business owner of their upcoming schedule and appointments.

Benefits Of Using Virtual Assistant As Appointment Setter In California

Using a VA as an appointment setter has a few clear-cut benefits for you and your business. Here are some of them:

Saves Your Time

A good appointment setter saves you a lot of time by keeping you from having redundant conversations, menial tasks, and organizing your daily schedule. A virtual assistant takes all of that stuff off your desk and frees up time for you. You can now re-organize your priorities and find more time for the important stuff, be it for business purposes or for personal stuff.

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Saves Cost For The Business

VA’s work remotely and are generally located in countries that have a weaker currency. As a result, their hourly rates are much lower. This saves the business a lot of money as employing a VA only requires a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Experienced Resource

VA’s specialize in administrative tasks which include creating powerpoint presentations, drumming up some MS Excel skills, scheduling, calling, verifying leads etc. Despite these tasks being administrative in nature, they remain important to the business. Experienced resources who know what they are dealing with can offer a lot of value to the business. Plus, it saves the company time and money spent on training an employee.

Generating And Verifying Leads

Finally, an appointment setter will not only create new leads for your business but form an integral part of your sales machinery by pre-qualifying your leads. Verifying and qualifying leads helps executives understand the customer and their requirements. It saves time for the executives since they can now prioritize customers based on their needs.

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