7 Facts Prove Live Transfer Leads Are Better Than Online Leads

Every marketer understands the importance of lead generation in the business. There is no doubt about generating leads online through different online marketing methods like social media marketing, web forms, surveys, etc. being of great help to attract qualified leads and generate more sales. But the marketers should also know that there are other great methods to boost sales and increase your customer base. One of such methods is Live chat transfer feeds or Live call transfer feeds.

In Live transfer leads, the live chats or calls are transferred to your sales agent on a real-time basis. The leads are actually more qualified through online methods as well as through call center staff, and the prospect is finally more interested in your services.

Let’s figure out the top 7 facts why Live Transfer Leads Las Vegas are better than the online leads generated.

1. A Hot Cake For Your Business

The biggest advantage you receive from live Call transfer Services is that people are much more interested in your product/service when they are transferred to you rather than other online leads. They are immediately transferred to your sales team when they are actively looking out for your service during the business hours, and that can really convert easily to actual sales.

2. Qualified Leads

With live chat transfer Services, you know what kind of leads you are getting. Every lead goes through a qualification process before reaching to your sale staff. For example, take the case of the insurance business. If you want only the auto insurance leads, you can easily get the same through live transfer leads. But with online leads there is no validation process like in live transfer leads, and you might get other insurance leads and not the auto leads you wanted.

3. Better Management Of The Sales Process Through Live Chat Transfer Services

The live chat or call transfer leads are more efficient for management since all the transfers are recorded, and the agents can use these recordings to improve the sales process. While online leads are the contact details of the person, who might only be interested in buying services. In live transfer leads, more data through chat or call is recorded and therefore it is possible to manage the sales process better and hence more efficient sales.

4. No Time Spent In Communication And Making The Pitch

There is a complete guarantee with live chat transfer services that there is a person present at another end for you to talk about sales of your product or service. But with online leads, you need to follow up so many times just to connect with the lead, and then make your pitch. It is not always possible to connect directly with the customer in online leads system. It may require a series of communication back and forth in order to connect with the potential client. There is nothing like this in the case of live transfer leads.

5. Better Conversion Rate

Quality is obviously one thing is of more importance than quantity in this case. Live chat transfer leads are the leads which are ready to talk and more willing and available to buy your product or service since they have entered into your sales channel with patience. So, you receive a better sales conversion rate from your efforts.

6. Saving Of Time

A live transfer lead campaign helps your marketing and sales staff to save a lot of time which would have been spent in contacting leads and setting up meetings in case of online leads. With the live chat transfer services, it is possible to get more freed up time for your sales and marketing staff which can let their focus on other activities aimed up to boost sales and revenue of the company.

7. Live Transfer Leads Are The Next Big Thing In Insurance Marketing

This newer lead generation strategy has become the next best thing in insurance domain. Various statistics have shown that the live transfer leads close at a better rate of 10 to 15 percent higher than the online leads. This strategy combines both the traditional direct marketing strategy and the modern internet marketing strategy and therefore very useful for businesses to grow.

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The ultimate goal of any business is to increase sales. For that, you need to make sure that you find the best quality leads who are engaged and ready to buy your products or services. Although, we can’t deny the opportunities created with other methods of online leads, but we have many distinct advantages of live transfer leads discussed above which proves this lead generation medium to be more efficient than the other.

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How Technical Support Services Help To Create A Great Customer Experience

Have you ever come across a situation when you purchased a mobile phone with the latest and innovative features from a mobile store? You were so excited to use your phone that you didn’t even bother to look at the instruction manual that accompanied it. And suddenly you found yourself stuck in the middle of sending an urgent email to a client because you didn’t know how to use the updated feature on your phone. And then went through the hustle and bustle of contacting the customer support in the middle of work. What did you do when you were unsatisfied with the solution provided by the customer care executive? You would definitely feel irritated with no other options, right? And in another case, what if you were greeted warmly and your query was answered positively? You would probably feel satisfied and would look forward to contacting the support services in case of any issues.

It is, therefore, essential to have excellent technical support services in order to create a great customer experience. It is rightly said, ‘Customer is the king.’ The customer should be happy with the products/services you deliver and with your follow-up services, for the sake of your business. It is advisable to outsource help desk support for better relationship management between the customer and the organization.

Importance Of Technical Support Services In Creating A Great Customer Experience

Customers are valuable for any business. If you wish to upscale your business, you have to keep your customers happy because they act as the medium to grow your business through word-of-mouth.

Increase In Sales

In any scenario, businesses focus on just selling their products. But what happens after selling the products? What if the customer has issues which need to be resolved urgently? This is where Technical Support Services in the USA come to their rescue. If the customer is happy with the attention and the service he receives, he will definitely refer your company to others, eventually leading to the growth of your business.

Feedback From The Customer

Technical Support Services in USA serve as a medium of contact between the business and the consumer, aiding in getting feedback from the customers to improve your products or services. You will know what the demand is and you can alter your products/services accordingly to meet the requirements of your consumers.

Aids In Achieving Business Goals

Help Desk Support Specialists in Las Vegas communicates the right details about the products/services to the customer, thereby generating leads to achieve your business goals.

A happy customer helps in promoting a business. The support plays an important role in creating a great customer experience. Outsourcing technical support for your business depends on various factors such as the efficiency of the technical team, latest technology, infrastructure, productivity, etc.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes down to one of the best our supporting services in the USA, Exclusive Calls is your best option. We cater to the overall needs of the business through our well-versed team and ensure that:

  • Our technical team comprises of individuals who are adept at the technical details of the product. They can communicate effectively with the customers and are well trained to resolve the customer’s issues. Exclusive Calls has the latest gadgets and infrastructure for delivering these services.
  • Our customers receive reliable and user-friendly services. We can provide you with the best support services that align with your business requirements and help you achieve your business goals. Thus, creating a large customer base for your business by delivering user-friendly and efficient services.
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5 Benefits Of Telemarketing

Looking for ways to boost and improve your business growth at a low cost? Telemarketing is the best way to go. It is a valuable tool for businesses to generate leads and make sales. Telemarketing offers many benefits regarding direct contact with prospects and allows you to save money and time. Here are five important benefits of Telemarketing:

1. Telemarketing Works

Telemarketing industry continues to grow for it has a significant impact on lead generation as it creates a wide range of options and opportunities for targeted customers. It is the right way of testing new products and can be a fast way of acquiring new customers. Telemarketing also gives many of the advantages of face-to-face meetings, and even allows companies to contact a large number of potential customers at a distance.

2. It Costs You Less

Choosing telemarketing over other marketing methods is a great idea to promote your products or services. Besides being useful, it will cost you less money because of the many benefits associated with it. One fact is that you no longer have to train employees. It is the telemarketing company’s job to produce trained and dedicated telemarketers. Training sessions include familiarity with products or services, proper call handling, quality calling skills, rejection handling, and many other telemarketing tips. Another benefit is that you don’t have to provide more space for computers and other needed tools for your campaign since the telemarketing company will be offering it. You will not also be paying additional fees for the telemarketer or the agent since you will be spending a fixed price to the telemarketing company.

3. Immediate Feedback On Products/Services

The main benefit of using telemarketing for your campaign and promoting your business is that it allows you to immediately measure your customers’ level of interest in your products or services. Direct communication between telemarketer and customer gives quick responses regarding their questions and needs about the products or services.

4. It Helps You Expand Your Business

By using telemarketing, you can quickly expand your business and increase your sales for there are lots of opportunities that you can create within the industry. It will be easy for you to find new customers and is an excellent way for you to follow up with your existing customers to keep them interested in your new offers for your products or services. It is a significant advantage for your business to gain more potential sales opportunities.

5. Measurable Results

In telemarketing, you can analyze, measure and report individual concerns to provide a detailed view of your campaign’s success by tackling points of improvement. You can always conclude which methods and techniques are most effective, whether it is about the communication style or other strategic plans.

There are so many benefits that you can get from telemarketing as long as it is appropriately planned and executed. You must also keep in mind that the key to success in telemarketing is persistence.

We hope that the listed benefits above will help you decide whether or not telemarketing is the perfect platform you need. To learn more about telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting and social media marketing, contact us at 888-484-3515 or email us at info@exclusivecalls.com.

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How Appointment Setting Services Can Generate New Businesses

Businesses are always on a lookout for ways to grow, by making their processes efficient, optimizing their resources or cutting down on their costs. One such way is by adopting an appointment setting service which in turn, helps achieve all the three. Appointment setting is a crucial part of the sales cycle that involves the scheduling of sales meetings.

What Do Appointment Setting Services Entail?

Let us walk through a typical sales cycle in, for instance, business insurance.

It starts with prospecting – the identification and stacking up of leads. Once you have your leads, they need to be turned into prospects – the ones interested in buying insurance.

The prospects will then scrutinize your insurance product inside out by throwing a medley of cross-questions at you. After triumphantly crossing that round, you finally close the deal and ask them for referrals.

Appointment setting services kick in with the conversion of a lead to a prospect. It is the first point of contact the lead will have with the insurance company.

Appointment setters are responsible for getting the leads interested in buying and fixing up business insurance appointments with the sales team.

How Do Appointment Setting Services Help Generate New Businesses?

1. Save Time And Money

The company need not spend on employing and training teams for this appointment setting. Outsourcing appointment setting services allow the firm to cut down on employee costs considerably and to do away with the hassles of managing them.

The time and money saved here can be inserted perhaps into marketing budgets to acquire more leads.

2. Trim The Sales Cycle

The initial client breakthrough is tougher than it seems and usually eats up a significant portion of the time taken for an entire client acquisition cycle.

The sales team ends up spending half of its time on this initial stage. Thus, if the concept of division of labor is applied here, efficiency is bound to rise.

With an appointment scheduling service on board to take care of this vital aspect, it will speed up the rest of the cycle and more deals can be accomplished in the same time.

3. Focus On Core Competencies

The sales team may get entangled in the web of cold calls, follow-up calls, appointment confirmation calls and maintaining these databases, getting further and further away from what they are best known for – closing deals.

By entrusting such services with handling appointment fixing, the sales team of the company can focus on polishing up their pitch to woo the client or strategizing on how to tackle the client’s skepticism.

4. Use Of Professional Services

Appointment setters are trained in this domain. Getting through to clients, be it through telephone, social media, voice message or e-mail, they understand the basics of every communication channel.

They understand your business. Their mastery of communication skills, database management, follow-up consistency and the best of tools will surely make your sales process more efficient. They provide you with a customized solution to the troubles of setting sales meetings.

5. Analyze Your Figures

Specialized appointment setting services even help in keeping an eye on the performance of the company through their analytical tools. Figure out whether your sales numbers are soaring high or taking a dip with the data and data tools provided by these services. This would even aid in spotting the underperformers and rectifying the problems in time.

All these points prove that outsourcing appointment setting services serve as a win-win mechanism any business can adapt to have its sales take off.

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Tips To Choosing The Right Outsourcing Provider For Your Company

Choosing the right outsourcing provider for certain company success is not easy. In today’s fast-paced business world, outsourcinghas become very popular and useful for the needs of small to medium sized businesses. A multitude of outsourcing companies have popped up in the business environment and that’s why it is more important than ever to do thorough research and assessment to choosing the right partner for your business. Selecting an outsourcing partner that is aligned with your needs will also help your business minimize risks that you might encounter. We have some useful tips to help you make the most informed decision.

Here Are Some Tips To Choosing The Right Outsorcing Partner:

1. Define Your Business G

Before outsourcing some of your business needs, it is important to clearly define what you want to achieve. It will help you determine how that outsourcing provider will help you achieve your goals and expectations or will get you the best results. Keep your goals realistic and make your objectives clear to be easily evaluated with provider.

2. Ensure Reliability And Experience

Ask for details of the company; their white pages, or previous/current clients for references. What’s their history and experience in the business world? How long have they been running their business? Do they have other employees, offices and locations? You may research the provider’s information or ask these questions directly. Don’t be afraid to ask more questions; this will help you decide whether the outsource provider is suited for your business or not. Lastly, know the range of the company’s experience in the industry to also ensure credibility.

3. Ask For References And Work Samples

The best way to determine the quality of the service is to know if it has achieved customer expectations and standards. Asking for references of previous or on-going clients will give you an idea about the company and will assure you about their potential and capabilities in the industry. Furthermore, ask for samples of the services or work done by the provider.This would help you make a realistic assessment of the provider’s quality standard.

Read some reviews from real clients here: Exclusive calls

4. Check Access To Communication, Technology Used, And Insfrastructure

Before outsourcing your business, one of the most important things is to check if the provider has access to good communication channels,whether it’s email, phone lines or instant messaging. For technology, check if their equipment are up to date and functioning smoothly to execute the service or the product successfully. Ensuring they adhere to exceptional standards in these platforms is a big help for you in deciding whether to outsource your business or not to them.

5. Assesss Financial Stability

In building relationships like this, it is important to know the outsourcing company’s stability to help you determine if it can survive in the long run as a going-concern. Are they financially secure? How can you tell? You can do some analysis to measure the value and performance of the provider compared to other companies in the same industry.

We hope the information we provided to you here gets the wheels running on how to select an outsourcing partner. The right fit is the key element of this business relationship. Keep in mind, the best partner is one that has your needs aligned with theirs and prioritizes them to get you the most output and efficiency for your business. We can be that partner for you. Contact us today so we can get the conversation started!

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How Can Appointment Setting Services Help In Boosting Your Business

Sales are the iron pillars of a business—without which the very foundation of a business becomes nonexistent. If the pillars are strong, the business becomes a well-functioning machine and generates high returns and growth opportunities; while if they are fragile, the business reaches its decline before it can even enter its growth phase.

To increase your sales, it is essential that you find the right consumers and convince them about your product, in order to convert them into your loyal customers. For this, your sales team needs to be highly proficient.

Improving Sales Of A Business

Suppose you are the owner of an insurance business and want to improve its sales. You hire a Sales Team and make it responsible for identifying leads, fixing appointments with them and ultimately, closing the deal, i.e., selling your product to them.

That comes down to roughly four colossal tasks for your team.

1. Put in time and energy into finding the right people.
2. Conduct regular follow-ups with them.
3. Coaxing them into meeting you
4. All this before actually coming down to the real business– of striking the deal.
This leads to the following problems:

1. Defocused and de-motivated sales force due to the hassle of the search process
2. Wastage of time on disinterested people who are unlikely to become potential customers
3. High Overhead Cost for your business
4. Low conversion Rate

The Solution: Business Appointment Setting

To remove the hassle in the above process, you hire a commercial insurance appointment agent who can help you in easing out this search process. The dedicated team of insurance appointment setters, connect you to people interested in the services offered by your business. These are the potential customers that meet your target criteria and agree to meet you.

1. Targeted Lead Generation

The appointment setting services are highly specialized. They require a set of tasks including regular updating of customer databases, lead generation, follow-ups and skilling of the sales team with relevant experience through a melange of world-class search tools and excellent database management systems.

The appointment services experts use the best of tools to identify your potential customers, and provide you with a set of leads through which your customer conversion rate becomes unparalleled in the industry. Your machine is now fully-functioning, with a potential for incredible growth.

2. Customized Solution

The professionals in the field provide you a customized sales solution to your business. The focus is on respecting and nurturing your potential customers until they are ready to meet you. The employees are trained to understand your business in order to become a mere extension of your office, rather than a separate entity. You get a full hand on our staff, from recordings, live chats to full access of our phone system; i.e., we have full transparency of operations.

3. Lower Cost Per Sale

The reduction of database maintenance and search costs along with increase in conversion rate leads to an overall lower cost per sale value for your business.

4. Keep Employees To Their Strength

With fixed appointments in hand, your sales force focus on their core strength—striking the Deal. After all, sales success comes after you stretch yourself past your limits on a daily basis.

We at Exclusive calls solve all your problems in the following ways:

1. Identify your customers through our statistical tools and exhaustive database
2. Get them to meet you through our dedicated team of experienced telemarketers who help the customer understand how your product is right for him
3. Help you and your sales force focus on your key goals of business expansion

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Set Commercial Insurance Appointments – Realize The Benefits Of Outsourcing

The insurance sales market has changed considerably. Being an insurance service provider, you need to blow up your customer acquisition strategies by featuring newfangled lead generation methods. Well, outsourcing the firm providing insurance appointment setting services is the right strategy you should consider. Outsourcing the service would be beneficial for these simple reasons-

Mount Up Sales And Customer Acquisition

Professional appointment setters are one of the best customer acquisition tools with a proven track record of productive sales representatives and ever-increasing sales. Outsourcing the task involves a good performance rate, as the professional appointment setters have the expertise to make numerous calls on a daily basis and book sufficient amount of appointments each hour. The result would be a huge customer acquisition.

Professional appointment setters also help to close the deals faster, because the meetings set by the experienced team of appointment setting firms would be the leads, genuinely interested in the services you have to offer. Since the persuasion, the trickiest task is already done, your in-house sales team will only have to spare comparatively little time to present, settle down and close the deal. Refusals in person are almost out of the question as the leads provided by the appointment setters would the genuinely qualified leads. This would let your team spare enough time to sort out face-to-face consultation.

Redeem Valuable Time, Money And Energy

Time, money and energy are the most essential and valued essence for any business person. Isn’t it! Outsourcing professional insurance appointment setters can save these three essences valued by you being an insurance service provider.

Your in-house team, tasked to generate leads and set appointments with them, can allocate a huge span of time. Outsourcing an independent company to handle this task will free up a sufficient amount of time, your sales agents can devote on to converting the leads into actual clients. Leads generation requires a good enough research.

Hours of research on demographics to frame target market and analyzing information is time-consuming. Getting connected with the target demographic might involve even more time. Nevertheless, it is sensible to contract out this time-consuming task to a company that can devote sufficient amount to time and resources to accumulate and analyze data.

Not only money, outsourcing a professional telemarketing company to set business insurance appointments for you would also save you money. Maintaining an extra area to performing calls involve extra expense; like phone lines, power supply, etc. In addition, an in-house call center would again be an added investment in managing a supplementary division of staff. Let the specialized appointment setters bare these charges; it won’t be a necessary expenditure for them. The already have adequate resources required to carry out the task of setting appointments. So why don’t you save your valuable time, money and energy?

Figure Out Sales Records And Performance Rates

You will require implementing several techniques to generate quality leads; this could sometimes result in missed out sales numbers. Again an additional chaos about what’s working and what’s not! Rather than scaling out compile metrics, having a system to figure out the sales records and performance rates would be the best way to analyze whether your agency is at a snail’s pace sinking down or soaring up high. The specialized team of appointment setting firms is expert at analytics.

Contracting out a specialized firm will help you track your Return on Investment very easily. With the help of data provided by the appointment setters, you will be able to figure out the performance of your staff, recognize the underachieving employees and quickly, solve the underlying issues.

Not only the three features spotted above, professional appointment setters are beneficial in much more ways. Most importantly, you would experience an innovative sales output after outsourcing a firm with an expert team of insurance appointment setters.

Now that you know how outsourcing can be beneficial for your agency, get rid of the most additional roles and responsibilities of hiring a team and train the new staff to generate leads and set appointments. Allow a third party Telemarketing Company to set Commercial Insurance Appointments for your business and experience the satisfying results. Prudently, find out a reputable company that can handle your campaign successfully, and help you transform numbers of prospects into active clients and increase your sales.

Source: Exclusivecalls.com

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Tips For Successful Appointment Setting

Selling any product or service, including those from reputed companies, requires skill along with persistence. Before your sales person interacts with potential clients on a one-to-one basis, the process of appointment setting is both vital and effective in approaching a potential customer.

Irrespective of the product or the service being sold, most business enterprises rely on efficient appointment setting to target their potential customers and schedule a sales appointment.

This article focuses on tips or strategies that sales teams can use to confirm business appointments with prospective customers.

Leveraging Multiple Communication Channels.

Appointment setting is not restricted to cold calling, even though most potential clients would prefer to speak to a business executive before making a high-value purchase. As indicated in this technology article, business enterprises communicate with their customers through multiple modes of online channels including e-mail marketing, voice messages, and social media marketing. This is required as most sales prospects often neglect one form of communication, hence multiple sales touch points are required for your prospect to respond to your message.

Reaching Out During “Off-Hours.”

Most appointment setting calls are made during business hours, when most business prospects are likely to be tied up with their professional commitments. Appointment setting calls, during off-business hours including early mornings or late in the evening can be more successful. Additionally, sending client e-mails during early morning hours can have a higher response ratio, as your client has more time to respond on the same day.

Keep Your Appointment Setting Call Short.

As a salesperson, you must remember that appointment setting calls are aimed at only fixing sales appointments, and not for the sales pitch. Keep your call short by focusing on what is needed for your sales prospect to agree to an appointment. Avoid talking about your product offering in detail.

Coordinate With Your Product Marketing Team.

For more success with your appointment settings, coordinate with your company’s marketing team for information about client prospects, who have interacted with your product brand previously. Additional avenues of client prospecting can be gathered from users, who have downloaded intellectual proprietary material including technical white papers or attended webinars. Website visitors and company event attendees can also be potential targets for appointment setting.

Leverage On Customer Referrals.

Referrals from satisfied customers are a major bonus for any sales team. Prospective buyers are more open to your appointment setting calls, if you have been referred by their personal or professional contacts. Ensure that you follow up with your existing customers and ask them for referrals, particularly if they have an efficient network of potential contacts.

Partnering With Appointment Setting Services

Professional service agencies in appointment settings can be utilized so that your sales team only focuses on closing business deals with interested parties. You can leverage on the skills of trained communication professionals and technology that are provided by appointment setting services, to develop a high-quality list of client prospects.


An organized and consistent approach toward appointment settings is the only pathway to successful sales prospecting in any industry. The tips and strategies outlined in this article have worked successfully for sales teams, irrespective of their industry domain or type of product offering.

Source: Exclusivecalls.com


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How Can Insurance Companies Generate Insurance Leads?

Insurance companies and agents spend a great deal of time and money in generating new insurance leads in the market. An Insurance lead is a vital element for both new and established insurance companies, as they can determine insurance sales forecasts and customer conversion. According to a study conducted by Madison Logic, the average cost for generating a qualified insurance lead can be as much as $60. In this digital age, insurance companies need to use a combination of both traditional and online marketing techniques to generate leads.

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This article focuses on the methods that you, as a commercial insurance firm or agent, can use to create customer leads.

An Insurance Agent Is Not A Broker

Traditional insurance companies and agents have used customer referrals as a reliable method of generating high-quality leads. Based on the quality of your customer relationship, you can directly request customers for referrals, especially if your customer has a good network of friends, family, or professional acquaintances. Other ways of customer referrals include building a network of contacts who can recommend your service or through lucrative incentive programs for referring clients.

Organize Events For Lead Generation

Lead generating events can be a time-consuming and expensive exercise, however it can enable you to generate more quality leads. This is because most attendees of events including seminars have insurance-related issues and are looking for solutions. Charity-based events are also effective, as they generate a positive perception about your company or agency.

Establish An Online Presence

According to U.K.-based Simply Business, 9 of 10 potential customers call or visit a service provider only if it has an online presence. As an insurance provider, you must have a web presence, which starts with your website. Online marketing tools including pay-per-click advertising and banner ads are effective in increasing web traffic towards your website, which can lead to more customer leads.

Video marketing is emerging as another effective form of online marketing, as service providers that use videos to convey insurance-related or product-related information generate 41% more web traffic than those who do not use video.

Develop And Market Great Insurance Content

Online content marketing through the medium of published white papers, webinars, case studies, and blogs can be an effective method for insurance lead generation. High-quality content, which can engage and be informative for potential customers, is a valuable online resource.

In addition to good content, insurance companies can employ Search Engine Optimization methods including back linking. This can impart a higher ranking for your website in search engine results, which can lead to higher sales leads.

Use Traditional Advertisement Techniques

Despite the rise of online advertisement, traditional advertisement methods are still effective in generating insurance leads. Depending on your advertising budget, you can try different forms of advertisements including TV or newspaper ads, industry-specific advertising in insurance magazines or periodicals, or the use of marketing flyers or sponsorships.

Leveraging Your Business On Social Media

The use of popular social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, can be effective online networks for generating sales leads. Publishing of insurance-related articles on social media, along with using Twitter to share insurance industry-related news can be used to identify and target potential customers.

According to a 2016 Demand Wave report, LinkedIn has proved to be the social media channel of popular choice for lead generation with 59% of the respondents. LinkedIn Pulse is a publishing platform aimed to develop and publish online content and to develop networking. Quora is another platform where you can resolve insurance-related queries from potential customers, which can establish your credibility as a quality insurance provider.


Insurance companies are adopting some or all of the above listed methods to generate a healthy customer lead or pipeline. The future of insurance belongs to those companies, who can adopt and implement innovative methods in selling their products.
Source: Exclusivecalls.com

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What You Need To Know About Insurance Agents

Insurance agents are often your go-to when you want to purchase insurance, and wouldn’t they be? They save you money, they save you time, and they have better knowledge of the insurance sector, helping you select the best plan for your family and yourself. This is why it becomes an important decision for you to hire an insurance agent that “clicks”. There’s a lot that depends on your choice, complicating things a bit albeit.

Business and commercial insurance appointments can then seem to be a tedious task, making it even harder to find that perfect agent. A considerable amount of time goes into setting up such appoints, be it commercial or business. With more options to choose from, you are bound to get confused, which can only result in more confusion. There’s something that everybody should know about insurance agents, which might help in eliminating the confusion.

An Insurance Agent Is Not A Broker

A common misconception that exists is insurance agents are brokers, which is false. Insurance agents usually represent the interests of the insurer (which is the insuring company). Such agents usually are either captive or independent, that is, they either represent one company or more. Brokers, on the other hand, solicit quotes and or policies on behalf of the buyer. Such brokers generally charge a certain fee for the services provided, which is charged to the buyer.

Independent Insurance Agents

Insurance agents which are independent never stick to one company but sell policies from a variety of companies. This results in a better choice for the buyer, thus catering to specific needs of specific customers. Compared to captive agents, these agents have the upper hand because of the in-depth knowledge they possess and the amount of time they help you save throughout the procedure and even during claims.

How They Help You

Insurance agents tend to provide you unbiased advice which is very beneficial when making a decision. Insurance agents also help you save a lot of money if, which you would have otherwise lost if you opted to purchase insurance yourself. Because the insurance agent is unbiased, they would not focus on just one particular company but help you choose from amongst a bunch, an option that is feasible to you.

Insurance agents usually act as a one-stop-shop for you, covering all your insurance needs and saving up on a lot of time. Such agents also don’t charge you a fee, rather, they charge the company a commission for every insurance sold, thus cutting costs for you. These agents are also helpful when there are any claims to be made because they do not have to follow any strict protocol set by a particular company and they can represent you.

Source: Exclusivecalls.com

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