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How To Be An Effective Appointment Setter

The success of an ad campaign completely lies in the hands of appointment setters. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to get in touch with a prospect. When someone responds to it, it opens a window of opportunity for you that you cannot afford to miss.

If your appointment setting team is struggling to generate leads, you certainly need to make some changes in your strategy and execution. There are endless numbers of things that you can possibly improve your appointment setting skills to be able to fix more meetings.

ExclusiveCalls a leading appointment setting services provider in the USA provides useful tips that will help you become an effective appointment setter.

1. Research and be prepared

Cold calling may appear to be an ordinary task but you should never forget that your company’s reputation depends on it. Every bad call puts a negative impression on potential clients.

To avoid such undesirable happenings you need to stay on the right track and understand the market you are calling. Contacting the wrong people with the wrong approach would not get you appointments. Do your research properly and then communicate with the potential buyers.

2. Set your goals

Set your goals before the time of action and start working on it. It will be difficult for your sales team to stay on the right track without a plan or map to assist them in this journey.

3. Do not sound like a salesperson

Your prospect receives hundreds of sales calls every day, which most of the time get rejected. As a sales manager or an appointment setter, your duty is to keep the conversation going.

There are many ways to set in a conversation like that but it is almost impossible for you to utilize all the possibilities. In order to save yourself from a mess, you need to focus on your objective only.

Make the conversation straight forward and interesting by asking relevant questions without beating around the bush and ask for his or her commitment.

4. Timing

Correct timing is a crucial point in appointment setting. The biggest mistake that most of the appointment setters make is that they make calls to the prospects during office hours.

This is the time when most of them remain busy for which they lose the interest in talking over phones. The best time to make such sales call is either in the early morning prior to the office hours or late in the evening after the office hours, usually when the decision makers will not be busy.

5. Use multiple mediums

The concept of appointment setting is broader than only cold calling. Apart from only phones, an appointment setter can fully utilize other mediums like emails, letters, voicemails, messages through social media connections, websites and also personalized notes. As prospects have the tendency to ignore sales calls, a lead generation team should not lose a single chance to get in touch with them.

6. Appointment confirmation

Once you have set an appointment with the prospect, do not forget to leave a confirmation message. Acquire important information about the client including the date and time of the appointment. If you remind them about the meeting twice they will not forget about it.

Follow these tips to avoid mistakes during your sales calls. The job requires a lot of hard work and perseverance, you should be prepared to hear more No’s than yes’s.


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