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4 Effective Strategies on How To Generate Insurance Leads

Finding new insurance leads is hard work, especially when you consider how saturated the insurance market is today. Hundreds and thousands of agents vie everyday for at least a handful of prospective customers.

Regardless of how well you know the subject, having a good lead is always a work in progress. It takes a lot more than just bookish knowledge and requires a deeper understanding of how prospects buy insurance products.

Eventually, it all boils down to reaching those prospects before your competition finds them. Luckily there are still some methods to find good insurance leads. The ones that work (or don’t work) depend largely on the individual agent.

To understand which ones work for you as an agent, we have compiled a list of strategies that will show you how to generate insurance leads

#1 Focus On A Specific Niche

The insurance market is as crowded as it can be. In this situation, the best tactic is to find a niche. An insurance company which sells general insurance will not catch the attention of individual buyers.

This is because the company will be swamped by existing competitors, some of whom may have been around for years. However, a company that specializes in one particular niche will usually get the attention of buyers.

For e.g. A company that specializes in selling Auto Insurance will rank better online and generate better leads for insurance appointments from car dealers and individual car owners when compared to a company that sells general insurance.

#2 Engage Customers Online

Develop online content which is relevant and solution based. Videos, podcasts, and question and answer (Q&A) segments are all great ways for telemarketing leads for insurance appointments. Give out free reports where individuals can check their insurability ratings rather than them having to visit your store or website for more information. These strategies will enhance customer interest, and inbound traffic to your website will increase.

Another strategy that often goes unnoticed is email marketing. Email marketing is probably one of the most effective and economical ways to generate leads. And, when you consider that everyone has an email account today, this makes it easy to reach out and engage target customers.

#3 Purchase A Leads List

You can buy a leads list from numerous lead generation companies out there like 360leads.com or insuranceleads.com. In this way you’re outsourcing your lead generation process, thereby reducing the cost per acquisition (COA).

Remember, this service comes at a cost, so it might be a good idea to compare the cost of buying the leads over doing it yourself.

Once you receive the list from your provider, you can use it in your marketing campaign to make cold calls, send direct mails or emails.

#4 Start A Referral Program

The best lead is a satisfied customer. When your customer gives you a potential lead, consider it a gift. Sales conversion experts – MOZ conducted a study which showed that almost 85% people convert when they come through someone they know or trust.

Or best: Give your clients any incentive that will draw more customers.

Successful lead generation is key in the insurance market. With an increasing number of companies taking the traditional route, it pays to think out of the box.

These 4 Effective Strategies To Generate Insurance Leads have been tried and tested to make a big impact in your search for quality insurance leads.

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