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7 Facts Live Transfer Leads Are Better Than Online Leads

Every telemarketer understands the importance of lead generation in the business. But they should also know that there are other great methods to boost sales and increase your customer base. One of such methods is Live chat transfer feeds or Live call transfer feeds.

Let’s figure out the top 7 facts why its better:

1. A Hot Cake For Your Business

The biggest advantage you receive from live Call transfer Services is that people are much more interested in your product/service when they are immediately transferred to your sales team rather than other online leads.

2. Qualified Leads

Every lead goes through a qualification process before reaching your sales staff. For example, take the case of the insurance business.

If you want only the auto insurance leads, you can easily get the same through live transfer leads. But with online or internet leads there is no validation process.

3. Better Management Of The Sales Process Through Live Chat Transfer Services

The live chat or call transfer leads are more efficient for management since all the transfers are recorded to improve the sales process.

In live transfer insurance leads, more data through chat or call is recorded and therefore it is possible to manage the sales process better and hence more efficient sales.

4. No Time Spent In Communication And Making The Pitch

There is a complete guarantee with live chat transfer services that there is a person present at another end for you to talk about sales of your product or service.

But with online leads, you need to follow up so many times just to connect with the lead, and then make your pitch.

5. Better Conversion Rate

Quality is obviously more important than quantity in this case. Live chat transfer leads are the leads which are ready to talk interested prospects to buy your product or service since they have entered into your sales channel with patience.

6. Saving Of Time

A live transfer lead campaign helps your team to save a lot of time which would have been spent in contacting leads, setting up meetings and focus on other activities to boost sales and revenue of the company.

7. Live Transfer Leads Are The Next Big Thing In Insurance Marketing

This new lead generation strategy has become the next best thing. Various statistics have shown that the live transfer leads close at a better rate of 10 to 15 percent higher than the online leads.

This strategy combines both the traditional direct marketing strategy and the modern internet marketing strategy.

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The ultimate goal of any business is to increase sales. You need to make sure that you find the best quality leads who are engaged and ready to buy your products or services. Although, we can’t deny the opportunities created with other methods of online leads, but we have many distinct advantages of live transfer discussed above which proves this lead generation medium to be more efficient than the other.

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