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Things To Know When Presented With The Prospect Of Appointment Setting

Making sales is an important part of the business. There are several processes that work simultaneously that help execute (or close) sales. One such process is appointment setting. As the term suggests, appointment setting involves setting appointments. Of what kind? We’re glad you asked.

An appointment setting essentially means getting in touch with potential clients and developing their interest in your product and (hopefully) turning them into buyers. It involves making cold calls, communicating with prospects and getting your company’s foot in the proverbial door.

There are different areas of business that require different approaches. Business to business (B2B) sales are not the same as Business to Client (B2C) sales. For instance, insurance appointment setting will require a different approach to appointment setting for pharmaceutical products.

Hence, people that work as appointment setters generally have a business marketing background and great people skills. They have to deal with a lot of rejections, counter-questioning from a prospect and in the face of all of that, they have to push the potential buyer into giving you a chance. As you can imagine, talking to clients is tough, so we have put together some tips that can help you on your way to becoming an effective appointment setter.

1. Research

A wise man once said, ‘Know thy product, know thy sell’. To be able to sell something to someone, you need to know what you’re selling but also, more importantly, what that person needs. You should pitch your product in a way that makes it appear like a solution. Like something your potential buyer needs to have. And you can achieve that with research. For instance, appointment setters for insurance agents pitch different types of products depending on their target audience.

2. Intrigue rather than sell

As an appointment setter, your job is not to sell. It is to intrigue the potential client sufficiently and hand the reins to the sales team. You have to make an elevator pitch of sorts in order to set up a meeting with them. Don’t try to overzealously preach about your product on the first call, it won’t get you anywhere.

3. Prepare

In order to make that elevator pitch, you must prepare. Do your due diligence and find out about the potential buyer, how your product can help them and you can make a rough draft of a script. As we mentioned above, talking to clients is tough. That’s why you must try to anticipate how that appointment setting conversation will go. Anticipate the kind of questions they may ask and provide examples.

4. Extempore it

Of course, every conversation you have with a prospect will not follow a set path. In fact, the client may take you so off-script that it could be overwhelming. To that end, you should be able to wing it. Be willing to go off-script. Preparing for your appointment setting call will help you with this.

5. Be professional

This one is of the utmost importance. As an appointment setter, you will have to build rapport with your potential client. Even in the face of rejection. For that, you must exhibit an almost severe sense of professionalism. It extends to beyond your time on call with them, you must follow up with them as well. For this, you can use a virtual assistant for appointment setting that could make it easier.

6. Keep your chin up

More often than not, it can get to you. The rejections, rude and indecisive leads, the constant following up, all of that can be too much. Even after getting a virtual assistant for appointment setting, the process can still be cumbersome. Still, you should not let it dampen your spirits. Keep your chin up and make way for the next lead with the same fervor.

7. Outsource it

Many companies outsource the appointment setting process efficiently. Some of the main reasons are:

  • It takes time and effort: appointment setting is a time-consuming process. It involves making many calls, writing many emails and barking up several proverbial trees. Only a small percentage of those calls end in sales. Outsourcing appointment settings can spare your sales team from the trenches so that they can focus on the things they do best.
  • It requires money: hiring a sales development representative full time can be expensive. Training and managing said employee is even more so. It could cost you more than engaging a service that can complete this process for you.
  • It can yield better results: engaging an appointment setting service can get you better results. You will be taking on a service that will send trained professionals (that literally do this for a living) out to your leads and ensure better feedback from potential buyers.

The appointment setting is a lot of hard work. It involves strategizing, preparing pitches and talking to clients while being tactful. However, if you prepare well enough and follow the tips mentioned above, you will see better results in your appointment setting journey. Or, you could head to Exclusive Calls, and send the best appointment setters out there to represent your business.

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Advantages of Telemarketing

Are you looking for effective ways to boost and improve your business growth at a low cost?

Telemarketing is the best strategy, It is a valuable tool in expanding your businesses and to generate leads and make sales.

Top 5 Advantages Of Telemarketing Services To Your Company:

1. Telemarketing Works

The telemarketing industry continues to improve. It has a significant impact on lead generation as it produces a wide range of options and opportunities for targeted customers. It is the right way of testing new products and can be a fast way of acquiring new customers.

Telemarketing businesses can contact a large number of potential customers within several locations and even face to face meetings.

2. Cost Efficiency

Telemarketing is important over other traditional marketing methods, It is a great idea to promote your products or services. Besides being useful, it will cost you less money because of the many benefits associated with it.

One fact is that you no longer have to train employees. It is the telemarketing company’s job to produce trained and dedicated telemarketers.

B2B telemarketing services are a very effective way to drive more sales opportunities. Training sessions include product or services review, proper call handling, quality calling skills, rejection handling, and many other telemarketing tips.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to provide more space for computers and other needed tools. No additional fees for the telemarketer as you will be paying a fixed price to the company.

3. Feedback on Products & Services

You can measure the interest level of your customers in your products or services quickly.

Direct communication between a marketer and client to get answers on questions they might have about your products and services.

4. Grow Your Business

There are lots of opportunities that you can create within the industry. Outsourced telemarketing can help you grow your business and increase your sales revenue.

It is an excellent way to find new clients, and maintain your existing customers. Keep them interested in your new offers for your products or services. It is a significant advantage for your business to gain more potential sales opportunities.

5. Measurable KPI Results

You can analyze and measure KPI reports. Providing a detailed view of your campaign’s success by tackling points of improvement. Conclude which methods and techniques are most effective, whether it’s about the communication style or other strategic plans.

There are other benefits that you can get from telemarketing as long as it is planned and executed. Point to remember that the key to success in telemarketing is persistence.

The above listed benefits will help you decide, whether or not telemarketing is the perfect choice your business needs.

Learn more about telemarketing, lead generation, or appointment setting services. Feel free to reach out at 888-484-3515 or email us at info@exclusivecalls.com

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