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Telemarketing Services – A Valuable Tool For SMEs

The easiest and most effective way of forming new contacts and spreading the word about your business is telemarketing services. Many small and medium enterprises find the idea really convincing that they can handle this task on their own. However, in reality, most call centers or outbound telemarketing providers follow a progressive approach which leads to constant improvement in later stages.

In fact, other than traditional sales, telemarketing services are an excellent alternative for increasing sales as professional executives are promoting your product and services.

Let’s understand what telemarketing is and what are the benefits of.

What Is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a way of directly marketing your services or products via telephone or voice calls. It is a simple process, in which telemarketing service providers use various methods to figure out potential clients from large databases. Then, telemarketers utilize constructive approach and methods to reach these prospective clients for spreading awareness and selling your product or services.

Types Of Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing can primarily be divided into two categories:- Outbound Telemarketing and Inbound Telemarketing.

1. Outbound Telemarketing

In outbound telemarketing, telemarketer reaches out to customers with a purpose of selling a product/service or just to create awareness about the brand. These calls can be either made to new, potential customers or existing customers who have not utilized the services for a while.

Outbound marketing further involves different services such as appointment setting, B2B lead generation, cross-selling, broadcasting products, and customer follow-ups.
Most small and medium enterprises invest in telemarketing with the purpose of generating more leads and targeting potential clients.

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2. Inbound Telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing is just the opposite of outbound telemarketing, as in this, the customer initiates the first communication. For instance, let’s say a customer saw an advertisement online or in the newspaper and then called the toll-free number to gain more information. In this case, telemarketers answer the questions and solve the issues of the customers.

It is a type of soft selling method, and many small businesses use it to process complaints, take orders, provide order status, provide customer assistance, troubleshooting, and other such services.

Benefits Of Telemarketing

Even after the emergence of many new marketing methods, telemarketing remains one of the best procedures for spreading awareness about your business. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Cost-Effective Services

Telemarketing is a cost-effective option for small businesses that are not looking to hire a full sales team. Some telemarketing providers have also started offering pay-per-lead pricing. With this, you can get assured lead generation and conversion at cost-effective rates.

2. Instant Feedback Process

As telemarketing involves directly reaching the potential customers, the feedback cycle is quick. It can further enable you to take rapid actions to fulfill market demands and customer needs.

3. Track Sales Trends

Telemarketing results are highly measurable as you can easily analyse what type of leads are converting into customers. You have a detailed insight of a campaign and the leads generated. Both of these pave the way for analysed marketing activities in future.

4. Convenient For Customers

Directly reaching to customers on call or giving them an opportunity to enquire on call is more convenient for customers than conversing on email.

5. Enhanced Efficiency

Think about it – it is not possible for small and medium businesses to hire a full team of professionals for sales and marketing. However, when you outsource telemarketing, a whole team is looking after your lead generation process. These people have experience in varied industries and are skilled enough to develop new campaigns for every scenario.

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Many small and medium enterprises invest money in telemarketing because it helps them spread the word about their product/service, lets them engage existing customers, and enables them to generate new, better leads.

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