Top 6 Telemarketing Challenges And Their Solutions

Telemarketing is one of the most effective platforms for client communication. Even after the emergence of advanced technologies, there is no alternative option for telemarketing. This is because there are certain things which are not available through well known channels like social media and emails.

Telemarketing Business Challenges And How To Handle Them

Though the new technology could not replace telemarketing completely but it is an undeniable fact that telemarketing is gradually losing its charm. In the modern age of telecommunication also, nothing could replace the effectivity of direct communication.

But unfortunately businesses that utilize the platform are dealing with a few challenges for which new developments in businesses and telecommunication are responsible.

In this blog I have identified those 6 telemarketing challenges and also pointed out the solution for each of them.

1. Fraud calls

Recently, many call center fraud cases have made headlines in the newspaper which has changed the mindset of the potential clients and business owners. They have become more cautious in responding to telemarketing calls. Such incidents have given birth to a perception amongst them that telemarketing calls are scams which have badly affected the return on investment of telemarketing campaigns.

Market experiments suggest that the easiest way of handling such situations is to send them a message or email prior to the call. This helps prospects check the authenticity of the caller which might also convince him to take out time to attend your call.

2. Personalization

Each and every business owner thinks that his or her business is distinctive and also expects to receive superior treatment but unfortunately majority of the telemarketing calls are generic. Companies in general use the same script to interact with the prospect making it a monotonous experience for them.

Instead of using the same script you can categorize your potential clients based on their age, gender, location, buying capacity and interests which are available on social media platforms. This builds a completely personalized field for your company making it stand out.

3. Integration

The growing technological advancement has reduced the effectiveness of standalone telemarketing campaigns. It is beyond the capacity of cold calls alone to covert potentials clients into customers. To do that you need to involve multiple channel approach.

As a solution to this issue you can build a marketing strategy which engages social media, email and telemarketing in United States to achieve the best return on investment.

4. Eligibility

The eligibility of a telemarketer is something that often gets overlooked. You cannot really expect a freshly graduated college student to understand the concern of an entrepreneur who holds more than 15 years of industry experience.

To make a successful telemarketing campaign you need to appoint the right caller who can contact the right prospect. Your telecaller needs to be sufficiently informed about the prospect and should be trained to manage difficult queries with confidence.

5. Patience

When it comes to telemarketing, patience is the key to success. This is because a caller initiates hundreds of calls in a day in which he mostly faces rejection. In such a situation, handling these rejections gracefully becomes very important. Toensure that, these callers must undergo psychological evaluations. Only a caller with a positive and optimistic attitude can build a good relationship with potential buyers.

6. Technology

Using outdated technologies in your telemarketing campaign can completely ruin it. There is no place for slow systems that are unable to handle the load of thousands of outbound calls a day. The solution to this issue is to incorporate technologically advanced telemarketing tools in your telemarketing campaign.

You can easily overcome these obstacles with the suggested solutions to make your telemarketing campaigns successful.

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