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What Do Sales Development Representatives Do

When an organization grows in size, you need to have dedicated personnel who can take care of your sales. Often, the duties that each of these personnel fulfill is so nuanced you’ll either miss out on potential opportunities a niche will create, or create a mess that will affect the quality of the leads inbound. Ideally, for all these purposes, you need a position that’s qualified to take care of these requirements so that the quality of your leads doesn’t get affected.

Otherwise, the sales strategy will be muddled, which will give your competition an edge in pursuing your leads. After all, the more careful you are in guarding your leads while pursuing, the more ahead you can be of the competition.

Sales Development Representative

A sales development representative is some who is in charge of the inbound lead qualification. That means, he takes care of not only vetting the leads for verifying the prospect of engagement with your company but also ensures they go all the way until a sales meeting. In other words, they are your appointment setting experts. Often, the sales development team is confused with the business development team. That is because the primary duty of both teams is to bring in leads. However, the chief difference lies in what way they employ and what resources are available at their disposal to bring in such leads.

Need for Sales Development Representative

The business development team primarily takes care of generating leads. They don’t have any research to start this process. All they are told is the industry and the target group they have to focus on. The Sales Development team, on the other hand, finds leads through some outreach programs. This might be through the advertising they have done, the LinkedIn outreach they crafted, or some other form that would attract clients. Generally, these clients are different. A BDR focuses solely on generating leads and passing them along to the management who decides if they are worth pursuing or not.

However, in most cases, management is swamped with work regarding catering to the existing clients, drafting strategy and everything that happens within the organization with regard to their market. This is where an SDR comes into play. He talks to all the leads and tries to bridge the gap between the expectations and the actual services that the company provides. Usually, only about a quarter of the leads that you generate are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. This process, called the lead qualification, is a must before the closers can come in with their pitch.

The other three-quarters of leads that don’t pan out, don’t pan out because the SDR has determined they are not worth pursuing. In other words, they were only led to beginning with because the BDR’s push was aggressive, or because there was a gap in their understanding of our services and our actual services. Having an SDR ensures that the closers or marketing and sales managers don’t need to entertain every lead whether it pans out or not. Because the rate of lead generation to lead conversion is abysmally small. SDRs make that job that much easier.

Finalize Your Custom Requirements

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