Why You Should Opt For Live Transfer Leads?

The usual method of cold calling is inefficient and time-consuming. At the end of it all, the success rate of cold calls is just 1 % to 3 %. This conversion rate of a sales team is really low. But, when a business partners with an organization to manage live transfer leads, the sales success rate shoots up to a maximum of 10 per cent to 15 per cent for any kind of insurance organisation.

How is this possible, you might ask? With live lead transfers for insurance, the sales team just needs to concentrate on the very core of their jobs, which is making the sale.

Live Transfer Leads Example

Here is an example of how live leads transfers for insurance company works. First, a prospective client begins to search online for an insurance company. They try to look for some answers to some of their burning questions, research on different insurance companies and agents as well as varying policies that can possibly suit their requirements.

Then, they whittle down their search results and provide the information on the web so they can compare quotes and proposals coming from different insurance agents and companies. Afterwards, the customer is contacted by the partner organisation to check on their data and also to screen the level of their interest. If they are interested enough, more data can be released to them immediately about the service or product they are leaning towards. As soon as the lead seems sufficiently hot, they are transferred to the business’s sales agent.

This kind of lead qualification helps businesses screen prospects by measuring their interest levels, figuring out which products or services they might have an interest in. And if they are considered hot already and the nitty-gritty of the job has been done, the potential client is moved on to sales.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Why live transfer leads are better than online leads, you may ask? One of the problems of qualifying leads traditionally is staying with the leads while they are still hot or even warm. If only the sales team is working on these leads, more often than not, by the time the leads are contacted, they might have already gone cold. The leads may have changed their mind, decided on another business, or are simply no longer interested in speaking any further. There could be a lot of other reasons.

With live transfer leads, they are automatically moved to the sales team of a business while they are still hot. This guarantees that not a single potential sale is missed.

Ensured Interest And Contact

Sending potential clients who are primed to speak to a salesperson ensures that the sales team has someone to talk to, whether it may be working on prospects over the phone or through email.

Free Up More Time For What Matters

With live transfer leads, the sales team does not have to go through individuals who do not exactly qualify as good clients. Nor do they have to go through every lead. They can just focus on the leads that matter (and are interested). The sales team can just concentrate on what they are supposed to be doing: making a sale.

Drum Up More Business

Partnering with an organization that can help you with live transfer leads, you can get more clients and hence, increase the reach of your business. This is especially true given the fact that these leads have a high rate of conversion of ten per cent to fifteen per cent.

excalls_wpWhy You Should Opt For Live Transfer Leads?