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Commercial insurance appointments

At Exclusive Calls, you will have a dedicated employee working for you. They are trained and experienced in B2B outbound marketing calls, particularly catered to insurance agents for commercial and also for residential calling services. Your employee will prospect to businesses that your agency is looking to do more business with, in the target areas that you provide to us. In the onboarding process, we will collaborate with you in determining the business verticals that you have seen the highest closing ratios in, so that we can contact those particular businesses and help maximize your Return on Investment (ROI)

Our goal is to always speak to the business owner or the decision-maker to set an appointment for your agency. We can send live transfers to you depending on your availability and your prospect’s availability. We will ask the secretary, receptionist, or gatekeepers the best time to call back on every call and follow up properly to get the appointment for you. We have our own proven methods and scripts that work, but we will always ask for your approval on all the scripting before we implement it.

Commercial insurance appointments
Commercial insurance appointments

As soon as we are able to set an appointment, our quality assurance team will review the call and verify that it is an appointment before we send notifications of your appointment to your email. Contact us today for more info!

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