Customers actively connect and share content on social media every day. For your business to have a welcoming environment that can enhance customer experience, you have to ensure that your brand has control in monitoring and safeguarding your target audience over hostile agents.

Exclusive Calls offers you social moderation services that are a combination of compassion and intelligence of highly dynamic individuals who are efficient in working with the leading software technology in the industry. We have well-trained and skilled moderators who are multi-lingual to work exclusively for you, using native culture and local language in order to understand meaning and nuances with the conversations done with customers.

Our social moderation services are specifically designed to handle and manage large scale multi-lingual brands. We can deliver to you complete and full brand protection with our round-the-clock social moderation and monitoring. With our high-tech software and professional team, we can empower your business globally. We assure you that your brand will have quicker response time and you will be able to provide your customers with more 1-on-1 interaction.

We are dedicated to work and serve you. Amid crisis management, with our skills, we can detect, mitigate and address possible problems even before they can do damage to your brand. We are continuing to develop security procedures and workflows consistent with your legal brand and PR guidelines.

  • Our global coverage is 24/7 and three languages in combination for all social channels.
  • Our relentless monitoring will foster a safe environment for your customers to visit your website.
  • We have alert moderation that identifies incoming threats, hostility and brand abuse towards customers.
  • Our services are quick to install on existing infrastructure.
  • Our service is enabled by software that is designed for handling large volumes of content.


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