Email Marketing & Response Service

We can say with confidence that almost everyone you want to or currently do business with has an email address or knows someone with an email address. With email technology today, you can clearly see who has opened which email, how many times they have viewed a link, or what they have clicked, and use that information to decide how best to follow up with that contact. Exclusive Calls’ staff is trained specifically on contacting businesses and consumers to collect email addresses effectively to help build your contact list. If you already have access to a list, there are ways to capitalize on the campaign for efficiency. Exclusive Calls can manage and create email blasts using the platform you already have been using in the house. Clients can also send out email blasts but have their staff in our contact center follow up and even field inbound calls.

Email Marketing & Calling

Cold or warm emails are a must for every company’s marketing game plan. Email marketing is a strategy that works, but, you need a targeted prospect list. If you don’t have a list, we can build one for you by calling and collecting emails from your target market. We will also ask them for permission to receive communication from your company. During the call, we can interest them in learning more about your product or service to be able to set an appointment or live transfer. Email marketing will lead to inbound calls and visits to your website from interested prospects. If you already have an email marketing campaign available, you can utilize our programs and solutions for the effective follow-up to turn those prospects into clients.

Full Time Plan

Exclusive Calls is offering full-time employee solutions at a monthly flat rate for forty hours per workweek. The employee will work a selection of five business days per week and/or including Saturdays. The benefits include the following:

  • 20 business days every month with 160 total working hours per month
  • 8-hour block in your local time zone
    (does not include one hour of unpaid lunch break)
  • Outbound and inbound calling selections based on your business goals
  • Full support staff, including floor managers, trainers, and IT professionals to support your campaign goals
  • An employee who works exclusively only for you and no one else

Part Time Plan

Exclusive Calls offers the part-time plan for our employee solutions services with 20 hours every working week on a monthly basis. Our clients will be given the option to have their employees work 4 hours every day with a selection of five business days per week and/or include Saturdays. Benefits include the following:

  • 20 business days every month with 80 total working hours per month
  • An employee working exclusively only for you
  • 4-hour block in your lock time zone
  • Calling selections, both in outbound and inbound, based on your goals
  • Full support staff to support your goals for your business campaign, including trainers, IT professionals, and floor managers

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