Our Story

OC Yacht Rentals is owned and managed by Mo Amin and Reza Akhavain, two best friends, who want to share the magical feeling of cruising on the water in one of the most beautiful places in the world with others.

On a European vacation, Reza, a boat enthusiast for years, rented a boat to cruise from Cannes to St. Tropez for a day trip. With ten of Mo and Reza’s closest friends, they chartered a luxury Italian yacht with an experienced and detailed crew. Champagne was poured, mussels were shucked, and memories to last a lifetime were made. The ladies sunbathed and danced, while the guys jumped into the water from the highest point they could find. To this day, years later, nobody can forget the epicness that ensued.

Once back in Orange County, Mo and Reza agreed that more people needed to experience the surreal feelings that were felt that day, surrounded by friends and family on the water. That led them to search near and far and to eventually find the perfect yacht for private charter in Newport Beach in late 2016. Since then, locals and visitors to OC have been able to partake in the experience of owning a yacht for a day.

We want to make sure you have an incredible experience, and who knows, you may just want to buy a boat of your own after cruising with us!


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