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Good Telemarketing Company

Exclusive calls really has a good thing going . If you follow up on your leads you should really get a return on investment . Be very careful about interviewing your caller and make sure you follow up and that you lay out you expectations early . I usually get about 3 leads per day via email for commercial accounts . You get the name business how many vehicles contact information prior carrier ect .. Then it is your job to follow up . I will use them in my marketing plan for next year
- by Denise Thoman

Happy with my Telemarketer!

Happy with my Telemarketer! We get leads every day from Exclusive Calls! We are pleased to have a dedicated telemarketer that can call on a variety of campaigns - including personal insurance prospecting (re-quotes, winbacks, cold calls, etc.), commercial insurance prospecting, and current customer insurance review appointment setting. It's great that our telemarketer can modify her "script" based on the type of campaign that she is working. My salespeople are happy to have the recording of the calls that our telemarketer makes and are pleased by the conversations they hear. Christine A. Allstate
- by Christine A.

Very pleased with the appointments

I would like to express my gratitude for the great job that my team has done for my business thus far. We have been overwhelmed with appointments, which is a good problem to have.
- by Charline T.

Excellent Communication and customer services!

As a Nationwide Agency owner for the past 5 years my agency has used several of the larger and more expensive Contact Management operations only to be disappointed time and time again. These agencies over promise and under deliver for way too much money. Not only has Exclusive Calling made it a user friendly experience, Moe the owner, is hands on and available to actually talk to make tweaks or overall changes when needed. One suggestion, work with your dedicated telemarketer. Specialize the script. Remember they are an extension of your office as an employee representing you. We have been clients for nearly 2 years and plan to stay. They have several billing options available to fit your budget. If you are looking to grow commercially give Moe a call.
- by David Noma

Delivered as promised

Ally is doing a excellent job prospecting for me. Thanks to a great 2017 looking forward to a better 2018 using your services. What I like most about the service is that I have access to all the information in the portal so I can see and hear everything, very transparent. Thank you.
- by Jamal Hernandez

Commercial Insurance Agent

Started using their bilingual callers from February of this year to contact businesses after I fired my internal team. I was skeptical at first so I started with one full time caller and now I have 3 Full time callers for my 6 licensed reps. I plan on continuing with Exclusive Calls as part of my 2020 growth plan.
- by Alan Hernandez

Exclusive Calls is an Excellent Leads generator and telemarketing company rolled into one!

I have been using Exclusive Calls and am very happy with their services. They have state of the art technology that allows you to listen to every call they make on your behalf. You have the flexibility to interview and select the callers you want to work with, have the flexibility to devise your customized sales pitch, and have access to live transfers and immediately listening to every call on their online system. Exclusive Calls definitely delivers on their online system. Exclusive Calls definitely delivers on their promises and provided my agency with quality leads and solid and real appointments that allowed me to close business. In addition, their executive staff is easily accessible and always available to help resolve any issue. Great overall experience!
- by Suleiman S.

Extension of my business

I've used other vendors in my 12 years in business but nothing comes close to the transparency Exclusive Calls offers.
- by Sally Tillerson

Very Professional

I have been using Exclusive Calls for the last 3 months and it has been a very helpful tool to improve the sales of my office. So far they have accomplish what they initially promise me as their service. Their personnel is very professional and put my office in a better position to do closings than most of the competition. I do really recommend them if you are looking for any type of marketing campaign that you are planning to implement on your business.
- by James S.

Good Appointment Setter

So far so good. We have received quite a number of leads from the service. It is a great alternative to having a staff in house and making calls for you. You get to listen to each call that is made and be prepared for appointments that are set.
- by Shaun Y


Vanessa and I are VERY pleased with Alex. He is so fast, he doesn't need constant monitoring-- he just goes and figures it out and gets it done. He is very good. We are moving through this huge list of to dos that we had rapidly-- I'm amazed.
- by Christine M.

Great Service and Amazing Staff

Exclusive Calls did a GREAT job for us! We loved the employee that was matched for our business and he became a part of our team. The communication and quality of their team was efficient and goal oriented. We would recommend them to others in the
- by Annette W.

Excellent Telemarketing Company

We have been using Exclusive calls for about 2 months. Our commercial quotes have increased drastically. This company is GREAT. I will recommend their services to other agents.
- by Demetrise D.

Solid Appointments

Hey Ben, I want to share that I appreciated the thorough process of on-boarding a call center representative with your company. The specific scripting was unique to my target market, and the resources to pursue them, provided by you. My interview with the individual was helpful in selecting the right personality for the task at hand. We have enjoyed the follow up and responsiveness of your team regarding our continued inquiries. Service after the sale is not always as prevalent as we would like. But, my team and I have only felt satisfaction throughout the process. Admittedly, I would not wish for your services to be benefiting the competition of several other agents in my area. But, would feel comfortable recommending you to others in my industry. Appreciatively, Jeff Tjugum American Family Insurance
- by Jeff Tjugum

Appointment Setting

I have used Exclusive Calls for 3 months and have found them to be effective, professional and would highly recommend them.
- by Richard B.

Highly Recommend

I have worked with Exclusive calls over 5 years and I'm very happy with their service. My business has grown. I love that all the calls are recorded and that I can turn the cold calls to warm leads once I review the recordings. I highly recommend anyone who wants to grow their business and doesn't like to do the cold calls themselves to try this company. They are the best when it comes to making calls for you.
- by Mahshid Garakani

Best outsource company

I use this company for the other services they provide aside from telemarketing. I’m a solopreneur and often need website updates and integrations with other platforms to run funnels with. ECalls is an easy way for me to outsource a developer I can trust for fixing bugs and doing upgrades. I was having all kinds of problems trying to do this myself. It was eating away at precious time. I will be using them for more and more outsourcing as they provide so many other services like SEO and ways to support my marketing projects
- by Jill Brown

SEO & Website Design, Very Happy

I have used Exclusive Calls' services for website design, development, and SEO Marketing and could not be more satisfied with the results. The company far exceeded any expectations I had for my site, and their staff is attentive, seasoned, and experienced. If something went wrong, they worked to resolve the issue with a sense of urgency I truly appreciated. I am very happy with their work and I would recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their digital profile.
- by Sanam Darougar

Wish I signed up earlier

Exclusive Calls called our offices once every month for the past 3 years to see if we would give them a chance. We finally signed up with them February of this year and I have to say I have been very impressed so far, I have 3 callers from them and they average between 11-16 appointments for me dialy. The one advice I would give anyone looking to make Exclusive Calls a part of their business plan is to make sure they communicate with their callers. I have been able to fine tune it so I get exactly what I need for my staff to quote.
- by Ryan B

Social Media Appointment Setting

This company knows how to generate leads. Hands down they are the best at all things call center. They are attentive to requests and work with us in terms of the strategy and call campaign. Thanks to Mo, Fred and team for all the added efforts to get our calls converting to leads.
- by Danny Nassif

Appointment Setting

I want to thank Mo and the team at Exclusive Calls. Erika our telemarketer is great. She only works part-time for my agency and she sets on average 5 appointments for us a day. With the appointments she is setting it guarantees a conversation with the prospect. No chasing and stalking. She sets the appointment and we call gather the information, quote and sell the product.
- by Tiffany B.

Great way to generate new business

We have used Exclusive Calls two different years and each time resulted in us getting a large number of workable leads. They have a good team that helps you find the right telemarketer for what you want to do. We are very happy with the number and quality of leads that are generated. Using Exclusive Calls has been a great experience for our insurance agency.
- by Curtis Chandler

Telemarketing Services

As a company that has utilized dozens of lead generators and telemarketers, Exclusive Calls stands out. There is flexibility in the approach and delivery of the leads. We work with the telemarketers and supervisors to devise a plan that we all manage to constantly improve our results. I have been more than impressed and would recommend them. It is the closest thing to having an on site telemarketer at a substantially discounted rate.
- by Jeff H.

Bilingual appointment setters

I am an Insurance agent and I signed up with Exclusive Calls in March of this year. I have been ale to grow my book of business by 37% percent just by focusing on the Hispanic market. I have hired numerous marketers for my ofice and they all seem to disappear or lose motivation when I was not on top of them. I now have two part time callers from Exclusive calls and I have nothing to worry about because I know they are always being watched and pushed to their best for me.
- by Maria Rodriguez


I want to say thank you to Ben and the rest of the Exclusive Calls team for working very closely with me to understand what my needs were before taking on this project. I had my doubts when I first signed up because I have been burned in the past but now that I see more traffic to my website and my social media users have grown I am thankful I took the leap. I have already recommended many business owners just like myself to Exclusive Calls and will continue using them to keep growing my business.
- by John D.

Accommodating to my needs

Service is excellent! My sales rep and account managers are extremely flexible and accommodating. Ben has also been a tremendous help!
- by Alex Anderson

Real Estate Agent In California

WOW, THANK YOU for all your support, I could not have hit my goals without Jennifer. She is not only my appointment setter but my personal assistant. I look forward to our continued growth. I will continue to spread the word to my friends in my business to use this service.
- by Sahar S.

Very Happy with Exclusive Calls!!!

I have been very happy with Exclusive calls so far. The communication and quality of the reps and management have been great. They are always available when you need them and do a great job of communicating changes and updates. I will continue to use Exclusive calls and have referred them to two other agents as well. Keep up the good work. Max- Nationwide Agent
- by Max Suleimann

Happy with Exclusive Calls

I have been using exclusive calls for over a year now. The caller is flexible to call on what products and markets I have available. So far our associate has called for commercial, life and personal lines. She has done an exceptional job, I know this not only from her results but I am able to listen to all of her calls (recorded or live) and I can see the entire list of call on the same site. The ability to text or speak with our associate is great too. I have been very impressed with the technology they use and the associate that sets our appointments. Thanks, Matt
- by Mathew Mullen

Huge Value Added

Exclusive calls supply top notch, well-spoken, creative and smart individuals. My VA has literally turned me into an army of one. He handles all the heavy lifting for tasks that are mundane, time consuming and just take away from my ability to generate revenue. In the 4 months, he has been supporting me my productivity levels are through the roof. I am averaging 5 solid meetings per week with Fortune 1000 brands and have generated nearly a $1M in revenue so far. He doesn't let anything "slip through the cracks" either. Timothy Faris (4 hour work week) was onto something when he outsourced everything. I am giddy with how far and how fast Exclusive calls has taken me. They have my highest recommendation.
- by Happy C.

Very Happy with Exclusive Calls Services

I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent job Exclusive Calls is doing for us! Carl's willingness to listen, learn, and adjust to feedback is a breath of fresh air. I never thought I would say this but, he has overwhelmed us with appointments. So much so, we are having to shift responsibilities to keep up. Keep up the good work!?
- by David K.

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