Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs of every business should be customized and should cater directly to that company. In turn, web development cannot be implemented through a simple template. Your website needs to portray your brand and show people the values of your company. These are the reasons why we have consultations for every web development and SEO project to ensure that we will fulfill the needs of our clients and attain their goals.

We are proud to have expert SEO and web development professionals on our team, and we credit this distinction to the fact that we care about the success of our clients. When we become your partner, we get to know your company’s business goals, mission, and marketing methods. We are creating plans to meet your goals. We work to develop marketing strategies, solidify online reputations, and generate sales conversions that will help your business grow. We only work with the top partners in the industry. Therefore, regardless if you are small and just starting a business, or a large corporation wanting to expand its business, give us a call. Contact us for a free consultation today.

SEO Marketing

Exclusive Calls has mastered search engine optimization with the use of the best and most modern available practices. SEO services will help you target phrases and key terms that your customers frequently search for online. Ultimately, you will be found first before your competitors.

We Do SEO Differently

SEO services mean ensuring that your website will have relevant, useful, and quality content. To guarantee your SEO success, we step into the shoes of your customers and discover everything that they search about and even how they go about searching. We’ll make it easy for them to locate your website. With SEO experts at Exclusive Calls and modern SEO strategies, you will be discovered by your target audience in no time.

Our company professionally conducts in-depth discovery and research about your industry and your target audience. We uncover what they have been searching and the way they search for solutions.

Our team can evaluate the current status of your SEO like a comb down to the images. We continue to monitor and track progress in an organized and clear way in order to meet your goals in real time.

We personally know that all businesses are different from each other. We’ll customize a unique strategy for your business that’s only within your budget, your goals and your SEO status.

At Exclusive Calls, we know that link building is extremely important for your business to earn supreme SEO rankings. But most especially, link building must be done in a natural way to avoid being penalized. Our company has a natural approach to link building and we take our time to ensure that all resources that want to have a link with you are all authoritative and credible.

The unnatural links that are monitored by Google can be a dangerous threat to your site’s SEO rankings. If you feel that there are unnatural backlinks that can cause your SEO ranking to drop or you want to make it clear that there’s none, we can do analysis on the links that point to your website and make necessary actions.

Now that local SEO is highly in demand, it’s important that your business website has more than one brick-and-mortar location. Google considers a website’s geographical location to determine its relevant source of information that users search for. We can make your business’ local SEO relevant and existent.

Receiving An Inbound Call From SEO

What’s the point of having a website if your potential prospects will never find it? Every day there are people searching online for exactly what you’re offering, but they end up contacting your direct competitor because that company has invested in search engine optimization (SEO). Receiving a lead because a prospect was able to find your site online is the least expensive way to get new clients. Why pay lead companies your hard-earned money at a premium to connect with prospects looking for what you offer, when you can create your own inbound lead generation for less? Our team will optimize your website so you have the best chance of being found online when someone is looking for what you offer. After that, just look forward to prospects contacting YOU!

Inbound Calls From Pay Per Click/Pay Per Call

Pay per click or pay per call is an internet marketing model where you will pay for each time one of your ads is clicked and a prospect visits your site. When buying site visits and contacts you will see an immediate spike in traffic to your site and phones ringing. A well-designed website enables the visitor to become an interesting prospect. The chat feature on your website will cater to a large percentage of the population that needs to ask questions via chat before clicking to call a business. Our trained marketers can manage your Google Adwords account as well to be continuously adjusting the content to receive the highest ROI from your pay-per-click/pay-per-call campaign.

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