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Exclusive Calls’ account managers are experts in security, email and other technical feeds that will allow us to deliver the highest possible level of technical support. You can expect us to:

Understand the unique needs of your business, messaging environment, and network configuration.

Monitor and manage all the support interactions, and proactively escalate on your behalf.

Serve as your primary contact for technical issues, escalation, incident and management response when needed, and directing crisis.

Supervise and coordinate professional or educational service activities.

Assist with ongoing plans for new needs of new business, assist with the long term projects like migrations and upgrades, and provide capacity growth and a feature planning for project management.

Provide education and information on the industry trends and recommended best practices pertaining to the model of your business.

With Exclusive Calls, you are guaranteed that your technical support needs are given solutions. Get in touch with us and choose a plan that best serves your business needs.

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