Direct communication has never been more important. In our present day, chatting, and texting are key to be able to connect with your clientele and for your clientele to reach you with ease. Our programs all offer direct communication options and can help with instant connections with your most valued customers. Your customers want to reach you via text and you need someone to answer them right away; they want instant responses or they will go somewhere else.

Web Chat :

Our web chat feature gives you the ability to offer your customers a live person to answer their questions and help them at the click of a button from your website. The agent will use a list of approved answers in order to best serve your customer base and give them the same type of service you would over the phone, but in their preferred medium of communication. All transcripts of web chatting are sent to you so there are references for their conversations internally.

Text :

Let's face it, texting is crucial. Your customers want to be able to reach you via text and they want an answer right away. Not having this feature for your clientele would be a set back. We offer texting right along side other mediums of communication because we know the significance it can bring to business relationships. Texting transcripts are sent to you so there are references for conversations internally.

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