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Hire The Best Business Development Representatives To Drive In New Sales Opportunities

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We call, email, text and connect through social media platforms to capture your ideal customer’s attention

Ensure Your Sales Pipeline Is Constantly Overflowing With NEW & INTERESTED Clients With ZERO Effort From You!

Here’s What We Can Guarantee For You When You Choose ECalls:

Dedicated Professional Outbound Prospectors

Expert Script Writers (No Impersonal Robo-Speak Here!)

We Ensure That EVERY Lead Is Followed Up

Back-Up Prospectors In Case Of Sickness, Illness, Or Leave

Quality Assurance Analysis Of Hundreds Of Calls A Day

Consistent, High-Quality Leads Delivered To Your Pipeline

We Are Exclusive Calls And We’ve Got An Exclusive Offer For You

We Keep Things Simple: Prospect - Nurture - Book The Appointment

We make it our mission to constantly prospect leads on your behalf to make sure your sales pipeline isn’t just full… But full of clients who aren’t going to waste your sales team’s time – and more importantly: Yours.

We’ve created a killer combination of people, technology, and the right environment to build an unmatched outbound prospecting machine. And although nothing is perfect in life, after 15 years of developing our tried and tested strategies:

We like to think we’re pretty close. Because we truly understand how important lead generation is to any business – we only take on the best. We proudly onboard the top 3% of BDR’s… To give you the peace of mind that you never have to worry about lead generation ever again. So you can spend your time focusing on selling and expanding. IE: What every CEO wants for their business!

How many more opportunities are you willing to lose before you make a change?

The best part is we manage and coach the BDR’s so that they are working every lead to make sure they find you as many new customers as possible

exclusive calls
exclusive calls

It can take an average of 18 touches before a prospect replies

You need the right team of people to help you win back your time. The good news is that we have a huge talent pool to choose from when it comes to putting together your business’ dream team.

But one role stands out as a glaring exception: One role where business owners are wasting hours hiring, or taking the D.I.Y route, and not seeing the results they desire:

Cold calling and cold emailing: The Biggest Business Hurdle That NOBODY Talks About…

Too many entrepreneurs are stuck in this vicious cycle:


They want to bring in new customers, so they start telemarketing on their own…


They realize they don’t have enough time to run all aspects of their business…


They invest crazy amounts of time in the recruitment and onboarding process


They hire someone who’s ultimately not right for the job…


They’re forced to fire that person and start the whole process again…


It’s impossible to grow and scale your business like this.

exclusive calls

Why Is It So Hard to find the right BDR’s?

…to keep your sales pipeline full of SERIOUS leads? It all comes down to the 3 Ps:

Without all 3 of these qualities, your new BDR’s is destined to fail. The problem is, it’s often difficult to identify all of these qualities in the interview room when your priority as a CEO is just to fill the post.

Often all you’re looking for is a different kind of P: Potential

And unfortunately, that’s not enough in the 21st century. You need BDR’s who are guaranteed to create a buzz about your product, get leads excited to speak with you or your sales team…

…and not sound like robots!

exclusive calls

Where can you get guaranteed quality Business Development Representatives like that?

That’s where we come in:

Choose the program that fits your sales growth needs

Full Time

Part Time

40 hours

We Keep Things Simple: Prospect - Nurture - Book The Appointment

How much more could you do for your business if you never had to stress over outreach and leads ever again? Imagine how many more sales you could generate knowing that every single one of your leads was a qualified, interested prospect. If you’re ready to grow your business with Exclusive Calls …Then we’re ready too.

Not Sure If eCalls Is The Right Move For You And Your Business?

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Just because something has been difficult before …Doesn’t mean it has to be difficult now. We want to be crystal clear with you and ensure that the services we provide are what your business needs right now. Within 30 minutes speaking to a member of our team: 

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