What Our Clients Say About Us

Appointments Set Through Talk, Text, Chat, Email, SEO, PPC & Social Media
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The disadvantages of NOT using our solutions:

You Get To Spend Your Time...

  • check-image-1Writing creative ads on sites to hopefully attract great applicants
  • check-image-1Going through applications
  • check-image-1Phone interviews
  • check-image-1In person interviews
  • check-image-1Reference checks
  • check-image-1Background checks
  • check-image-1Setting up systems
  • check-image-1Making sure systems are working properly
  • check-image-1Training
  • check-image-1Paying the ones you trained that didn't work out
  • check-image-1Coaching
  • check-image-1Uncomfortable conversations with firing someone
  • check-image-1Making sure you do not unlawfully terminate someone

The advantages of USING our solutions:

  • check-image-1You get to spend all your time focusing on selling
  • check-image-1No adult baby sitting
  • check-image-1No hiccups on production due to staff disappearing or not working out

Shortcut Your Way To The Ultimate Prospecting Engine

Compress over a decade of experience into building your company's outbound appointment setting engine with one phone call. With over 72,360 hours of outbound prospecting minutes on the phone, we are blessed with a wealth of experience and knowledge to leverage the most advanced techniques to set the highest quality appointments.