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Exclusive Calls uses science, data, and technology to achieve peak performance. Finding the perfect team and implementing the best strategy for each client is our recipe for success. Every individual is trained on the latest sales, customer service, and client interfacing techniques to reach optimal outputs and results. Leasing an employee from us is like hiring within your own office, just without the wasted energy to recruit, screen, train, and execute. Imagine having your own support team to help you each step of the way, available at your convenience. The Exclusive Calls culture and work environment is unparalleled in the industry with the use of the most advanced leadership techniques and management theories out there. This is why our clients see the best results when they engage with us; we excel in our core business practices so you can propel yours.

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Outbound & Inbound contact center solutions without any of the overhead, headaches, or employee liabilities
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Quality Over Quantity

Facts About Exclusive Calls

We don’t just allow anyone to work for us. We hire specific type of extroverts that have an innate ability to connect with people. Through the DISC profile technology we have been able to pinpoint the personality type that we have proven over and over again to succeed. Our leadership team creates the environment and culture that cultivates our Sales Development Representatives and Sales Account Executives to continuously meet and beat goals. When you hire openers or closers from us you are getting the entire infrastructure. That is our secret sauce that makes our employees extraordinary.


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Before finding our solution, clients are overwhelmed, stressed out, and wearing too many hats. The to-do list is endless. When you want to grow your business, dealing with the processes to hire the right talent can be exhausting. We take on the recruitment, interviews, background checks, reference checks, training, monitoring, coaching, systems and management for effective and efficient business growth so you don’t have to; granting you time to do the things you need to do to be a business owner, not a business operator.

After utilizing our services, our clients are more collected, knowing that they have a marketing and support arm that they can count on. We have taken all the guesswork out of having employees, reducing it to methodologies that work and have been proven over time. Whether your engagement team with us is an efficient 1 employee or a well oiled 100 employee team, the infrastructure is included. We have dedicated staff ready to assist with your every need, like an account director to help set up the account and on site I.T. available to assist with creating anything you may need along the way. We’re the perfect fit for a small business that needs some extra hands and medium to large sized businesses that are booming but need a team of staff housed and managed in one place. We really become an extension of your business; joint success is our goal!

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